Rebel without a Cause

What are they fighting for? Are they fighting for an ideal, or they just 'chion' blindly because someone asked them to do so? We have two parties fighting. The new exco's agenda is very clear, clearer than anyone with eyes but cannot see. They are fighting against homosexuality. Period. The old exco, what are they fighting for? To reclaim their seats because they were ousted from an association they built and owned? Or are they fighting the new exco for their anti homosexual cause? I read Constance Singam's letter in the forum and it posted another angle. The new committee 'does not represent Singapore's racial and religious diversity'. So, is it a racial and religious issue now? That the new exco must have an acceptable racial and religious mix. Is this in the constitution? Wait a minute, Constance also agreed with Vivian that religion should be kept out of petty politics. Where are they heading? Many people are going to 'chion' in the EGM. Some with eyes wide open, some wide close. What are they fighting for, may I ask again? It is nice to fight for an ideal and die for a cause. It is quite silly to fight for no reason, fighting without a cause. Or is fighting a new exco for the way they budged in to take over an association a worthy cause? Hey, they won the election legitimately. Or is the new exco unworthy because they did not have the right racial/religious mix? What is the right racial/religious mix? Under whose definition or whose terms? I think it is better to fight for something more tangible, like money. What is it in for me? How much? People running charity organisations are demanding hundreds of thousands to do so. Monks and priests are asking for equally huge sums to lead the sangha and congregation. These are more real, more useful cause to fight for isn't it? Interesting proposition?


Jaunty Jabber said...


From the way I look at the situation, those who are fighting with eyes shut but mouth widely open are the old guards. They made the most noise and the loudest and refuse to see what the new exco has to offer to AWARE. If they really love AWARE, they should welcome new members and see how to work together.

bbqchickenwings said...

Life goes on. I am just glad I can find more $1.50 chicken rice sprouting.

Why do so many people want to join aware now when nobody bothered about it in the past?

Jaunty Jabber said...
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Jaunty Jabber said...

Many people are joining because they are needed to form the digits for the election on 2 May 09.

I hope 2 May comes and goes faster.

Anonymous said...

rember reading abt it sometime back, also seeing it too,... our local butches are making big headways in third world places, coaxing, paying petite sweet eyes to join their love all, include all lesbians movement....

sg exporting lesbianism to the region, how much has that got to do with local indoctrinations and rites?

Anonymous said...

i mean it is a funny argument that women could be doing it with women, man with man and what's wrong with that becos now is not 2000BC. with that reasoning, it is alrite to commit adultery, steal, kill, lie too?

redbean said...

sheep, charge!!!

maybe i shall say, felines, charge!!!

it was initially about old guards being evicted from the comfort zone and their turf. then revelation of the invisible hand. now the racial and religious composition of the new guards are called to question.

and the rest charge blindly and running over the cliff.

don't think that this is a petty issue and ignore it. it can be ignited if not managed carefully.

Anonymous said...


You are spot on in your conclusion,

money must be worshipped, it is the single most powerful motivator follow by reputation(to be wellknown).

To be rich is the wish of everybody.

Vainglory is better than no glory.

What are cause and ideal or for that matter other lofty ideas if there are no money and no glory to gain ?

We live in a pragmatic and materialistic society; the people got to be practical.


Anonymous said...

The new committee can set the agenda for 2 may meeting, dont expect a new round of election; but see amendment coming on the written consitution where they will make it more multi-racial and multi-religious ie their sincere approach to help women in needs society wide.

The old committee were sour grapes and are sore losers. There were having a wonderful British tea with scones and lapping up the latest gossips till the "rebel" did a gate-crash and they suddenly woke up from their long stupor.

The lesson here is while there are fragance tea & peace, plan for war by changing the constitution till you are one party forever. Aware did not learn enough from PAP.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi bbqchickenwings,

Where can we find $1.50 chicken rice? Are they as tasty as the usual $2.50 ones? :P

Anonymous said...

is this really an issue without a cause, or just another lost cause you think so meh?

we live in a pragmatic and materialistic society, when no one else wud, is it not left to us to defend our values? think deep deep bro.

redbean said...

yes bro. my main point is that some will go there with a cause. some with no cause and some with the wrong cause.

people must think carefully before rushing in to support either camp, to know what are the real issues and not be dragged in because of petty politics.

Anonymous said...

thaanks for the enlightening reply, bro.

Anonymous said...

The cause or the cost is that word known to one camp as GOD, and perhaps, to the other camp as DOG.

redbean said...

it is now not between the two factions of Aware that are fighting. and the issues could be much more inflamatory.

just watch how they get ignited.