Possible soldiers of the two contentious camps

Soldiers of the world unite. This is the time for the mother of all battles! What battle? The battle of mothers and mothers to be, and mothers that would not be, will be fought this week end. As both camps rally their forces, the battle cry can be heard across paradise. Tension is in the air. The claims and calls for civility are unlikely to be respected. What will be the likes that will join the two armies for battle? The new exco is likely to draw its soldiers from the conservative camps, including its Christian brothers and sisters. Members from all walks of life, all colours and creed, and religions, who oppose the liberal theme of homosexuality are likely to join their rank. On the other corner will be the old exco, their liberal members and associates, the gays and lesbians, and those who believe in an all inclusive society, and the advocates of a more liberal way of life. They will be supported by those who believe in more tolerance and acceptance of diversities, of how people should live their lives freely. By Saturday, the citizens of paradise will know which side is able to garner more supporters, and which value will prevail for Aware to stand for. And who knows what will happen should it be a 50/50 split. Then there will be a deadlock. Would the combatants be able to control their emotions not to tear at each other? Wow, it will be great to be there. Jack Neo, this is great material for a Singapore movie. And the content is of a very serious nature. The way of life and the way forward to the future.


Anonymous said...

Members from all walks of life, all colours and creed, and religions, who oppose the liberal theme of homosexuality are likely to join their rank.

i feel there is alot of clarity in that statement.

from a simple perspective, carnal obssessions like slothfulness, drunkeness, gambling, free sex, beasty sex, wives swopping, the likes of fetish upskirts and bondage porns and pedophilia, other than the new wave or underground (spelt; pagan) movements which religious or moral culture actually condones them?

if to lust is sinful, to engage in unnatural sex, whether with animals or otherwise, is it not worse?

as much as the vocal gay movement (darn dominant in our local media industry i was told) likes their values better perceived, propagated or communalised, the sensual erotic kamasutras in homosexuality are not and in my opinion WILL NEVER be mainstream, and neither in ancient nor contemporary times.. not ever..

and the christians and muslims are not the only ones against these unnatural practices, if you ask me, almost all of mankind, colors and creeds opposes that.

to that extent, the angle abt religiosity and the focus on christian bashing regarding the homosexual issues, despite all its hidden intents and ill purposes, has been a useful smokescreen, is obviously misplaced and was for good reasons too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Perhaps it was fun, passionate and enjoyable while the going was good i dunno, but i think it is abt the right time the metrosexuals, homosexuals, gays, transexuals, lesbians and their kinds quietly move on please.

redbean said...

as people gets more knowledgeable, more tolerant and more liberal, there are still thinks that are naturally right to do and not to do.

for people who are born naturally queer or not the same as others, it is no fault of theirs. they have a right to live their lives without condemnation. but society as a whole should guard against being dragged down a slippery road of deviant behavior.

Anonymous said...

well said. society has been quite understanding abt these issues and the gay movement has exploded over the years; while living their lives without condemnation is their rights, no issues with that, but propagating their values to each home and family aggressively, i think that that is something else.

redbean said...

sorry for my typo above. 'thinks' should be 'things'.