PAP Youth Wing coming online

Yes, Teo Ser Luck is leading the YPAP into cyberspace. This is reported in the old media today. The YPAP forum, P65, PAP facebooks and what not, will be given a revamp and a big boost, a big bang into cyberspace. This is good news for the new media. This new position of PAP is the best sign of approval that cyberspace is going to be here for now and tomorrow. We will have more views, more pro PAP and pro govt views to balance the current negativity in cyberspace. There will be more exchanges and debates over issues, and this will liven up the discussion. The army of young PAP activitists have been released into the cyberspace playground. No longer will they be leased or kept within their closed doors to chat among themselves. The first thing I did was to take a peep at the YPAP forum this morning. No change yet. Still the same as it was before. I am truly excited and looking forward to the change. At the very least they will delete all the pornography being posted there. Now, will the PAP activists take on the challenge of the cyberspace guerillas, warts and all, and return the same compliments?


Anonymous said...

Are they interested in Cyber communications with the masses ?
They are kidding, none has come in to engage the many socio-political bloggers thus far.

Anyway, they are only interested in themselves, they don't need Cyberspace, they need only ivory towers where they enjoy livings with their kinds. The Citizenry is secondary to their powers and incomes, is there a need to engage the people ?

redbean said...

it will be good if all activists will engage in discussions and debates to improve the lot of the people instead of blindly promoting a party's cause. they should all be asking themselves whether they are for the party, people or country.

political activists are not enemies of the state no matter which party they belong to. let this fact be made know to all. only political gangsters are enemies of the state.

as a people we should all progress together and build a better country for everyone and no one should be labelled as a public enemy because of his political affiliation.

unfortunately this is difficult in real politics when the moral is to destroy the other party, a very unforgiving ethos.