Kenneth Jeyaretnam joins Reform Party

This is about the best news to break the otherwise dull and mindless churning of stale political news. Finally we are seeing a very able young man standing up to carry on the job of his father. I hope no one is going to say that there is no political talents in Singapore and that Kenneth is a no talent. He has a double first like Hsien Loong. He may not have taken the ride in the bandwagon to earn tens of millions in this small pond. But he has worked overseas, depending only on his own talent and skills to earn his keep. I believe there must be many able young people like Kenneth who are waiting to step forward to serve the country and not waiting to be invited for tea. Would our political system be magnanimous enough to welcome these people as they step forward, or will they face the same sad stories of their predecessors in an unkind environment that has no room for talents in the opposition wing? We are watching and the world is also watching as the game is being played. The same old play or a new play with enlightened players sparring but without the viciousness of a medieval society? The entry of Kenneth into the political fray should raise the standard of politicking to a more sophisticated level. I dread that this is the beginning of another round of gutter politics in the making. We shall see and judge the truth from the tooth.


Anonymous said...

Kenneth is not invited to tea party into politics, as such he has no tea party baggage.

Singaporeans wish for capable Opposition Politicians and Kenneth has answered to that calling which i am sure delights many citizens.

I wish he will be as resolute as his Late Father JB Jeyaretnam and will strive to better our society for the benefits of Singaporeans.

My best wishes to Kenneth Jeyaretnam to a good and fruitful political journey.


Jaunty Jabber said...

Dear Redbean,

I really love the orchids in your categorized orchids blog. Did you take pictures of each orchid all by yourself?

Jaunty Jabber

redbean said...

yes jaunty, a lot of leg work. just a hobby and enjoying it.

Jaunty Jabber said...

You have done a WONDERFUL work! Applaud for you.

Were all the orchids picture taken in Singapore? I am pleasantly surprise by the numerous species you have collected.

Wonderful work, wonderful hobby. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Change the name Reform Party(retired permanently like in Canada)

redbean said...

hi anonymous, didn't get you. you retired in canada?

and jaunty, i took advantage of the exhibitions held here. they brought in the orchids from around the world. ya, you noticed, many are not found here.

rookielim said...

LKY says that PAP has to scour the whole of Singapore to find the "capable" team that he has today. Well, PAP either missed this one or they were not able to convince him to join their ranks of heartless elites.


Anonymous said...

Pardon,pl allow me:

LKY says that PAP has to scour the whole of Singapore to find the "capable"talents WHO WOULD SAY YES TO HIM.

The above is true.

redbean said...

the fact that kenneth is not picked and others are chosen proves that others are more talented. i must be very objective. betul? tiok boh?