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Kan Seng has spoken

The police will be tough on protestors, local or foreign, who are bent to create civil disobedience. This is a warning to all who are thinking of creating trouble in the coming major events in the city state. Actually things will be much easier if a chip can be developed and implanted into every resident and visitors here. The chip can then be monitored and tracked by a master computer and linked to satellite technology. The movement of everyone will be known, who they met and where they are meeting will be totally transparent. The chips shall also have the capacity to immobilise the tagged person by the master controller when appropriate. A smarter chip can actually have programmes that can read the person's mind and any evil or criminal thought detected will trigger the chip to immobilise him. A team can then be sent out to pick him up. When such a chip and system are ready, the whole world will be a very peaceful and orderly place. Human beans can look forward to a safe and secure future.


Anonymous said...

Prevention is better than cure but how much is too much.

do i need pemission to sneeze.

Anonymous said...

George Orwell's 1984 is getting another step nearer to reality. It is about time to migrate if you have the interest, means and guts to do so.

An Uneasy Bean.

redbean said...

hi Uneasy Bean, welcome to the blog.

once the chip is available, there can be more uses for it. it can be programmed to detect sexual preference and immobolise those whose sexual preferences are unacceptable. people who quietly curse people can also be detected up.

everyone will become so well behaved. no pervert thoughts.

Anonymous said...

We are evolving into a 'backdoor communist state'. A democracy on the surface, but anything but a democracy in reality.

Anonymous said...


Matilah_Singapura said...

"Democracy" doesn't grant anyone automatic license to forcibly disrupt the peace in society just because that group or person has an "opinion" to express.

Freedom of speech and expression means the freedom to ignore, not listen and to ridicule (bad ideas).

The riots in Bangkok were totally uncalled for. Those rioters were fucking animals, and so it is with good reason (which I don't totally agree with) that the Kan Seng is saying what he has said.

Supposing there are riots and people get hurt, guess who is going to get the blame? Kan Seng.

redbean said...

democracy has been murdered in thailand when the king maker decided to throw thaksin out. should the thai accept it or shuld they fight for democracy and the right to choose their leaders?

Matilah_Singapura said...

> should the thai accept it or shuld they fight for democracy and the right to choose their leaders < Whatever it is, the people (of a particular country) are the ultimate determiners of their political destiny — i.e. they decide knowing or unknowingly the type of state and government to either rule or govern them and their country.

As for my personal preferences, they can burn Bangkok to the ground for all I care. As long as I'm not there when the political apocalypse is in progress, I can enjoy watching the action on TV!