An IM for food hygiene and handling

The criticism is piling up. Now the target is National Environment Agency. Letters were written to the media and the usual is that it cannot happen here. We are the best, first world, world class talents and salaries. This kind of mass food poisoning can only happen to poorly managed developing countries. It is shocking, alarming. What have the NEA done? We need a hero to resolve this crisis. I think Tan Yong Soon is cut out for this job. He should put what he learnt in Paris to good use. Come out with an Instructional Manual on food hygiene and handling for kitchens and food handlers and the cooks. His culinary course must have included these as a major part of the syllabus. The quality and cleanliness of food, utensil, equipment and people are very important to produce good and safe food. Let's have a comprehensive IM for all the hawker stalls, markets and food courts. Or perhaps privatise them would also do. The standard of cleanliness should also improved with privatisation. And if they pay the food handlers and cooks better, better qualified people will become hawkers in markets and food courts. But don't suggest sending them to Paris, please.


Anonymous said...

Tan Yong Soon already declared to the world that he did not need to work much as all were well delegated and well!

I really wonder what the hell are all these S$2.0 million+ dollars talents doing?

But frankly Sinkies deserve it,who ask for accountability?at least 66.67% here don't!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, the Cooking Course Tan Yong Soon took in Paris may indeed comes in handy now.

One can be very sure that hygiene and proper food handling must be parts of the Course and he should now be better able apply what he had learnt. If only he extend and impart his newly acquired knowledge down to his staff.