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Ho Kwon Ping -Spore beyond LKY

There is a followup article on this issue in the media by Ho Kwon Ping. This is a much better piece of things to read than the voluminous pages on cat fights. At least it is something worthy of the money we paid for. Basically the article examined the current status quo and what it would be before it arrives, a kind of thinking ahead, of the problems that may hit us. Ho Kwon Ping's first question is about PAP's ability to 'produce leaders of sufficient calibre that people will continue to support the unique one party dominant system' . Sadly, from all the signs we are seeing, from the policies and decisions made by the present generation of leaders, quite a few are simply doing a great disservice to themselves and their image as leaders. Oh, please feel free to disagree with my observation. It's ok. His second question is whether the future generation can find their way ahead without LKY and the PAP. He has faith that the new generations are much able and capable of taking care of themselves, something that we should be reassured. But this is contrary to the myth that there is no political talents and our best team is so so. See the contradiction? If we can't find any good calibre people to lead today, how can we ever hope of the leaderless people finding their way through choppy times? But I would like to agree with Ho Kwon Ping's optimism, and that in reality there are many able and capable people at the side line and they will step forward when needed. But sadly again, they were not coming forward exactly because of the current system that is hostile or at least inhospitable to their presence and their challenge to the chosen leadership. The system that brought us so far today will be the system that will bring us down, or will be done away with when the opportune time comes. I must qualify that it will not be thrown out, lock, stock and barrel. Only the bad policies and myths.


Anonymous said...

this guy is practically licking lky's balls.
disgusting. i'm sure he also feels dirty but money, fame, status has won.

redbean said...

they are all nice guys and very intellectual. let's be happy that people are prepared to talk and share their views, whether we agree or disagree is a separate matter.


Anonymous said...

"they are all nice guys and very intellectual."

That is merely your opinion. Do I need to quote that famous statement about the value of opinions? :-)

redbean said...

heh heh, just my humble opinion.
let's be kinder huh : )

Anonymous said...

Why has the issue of Singapore after MM given such prominence lately? As we all know, nothing happens by chance. Anyone else smeel something brewing?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say nothing in Singapore happens by chance.

Anonymous said...

LKY left the PM job almost 20 years ago,and yet these CLEVER? top elites are talking life w/o Lee KY.

What joke is this?either it is rubbish talk or these three had an agenda,God knows.

I dsilke the fact that they pretend that brilliant PM Lee does not exist in this world at all.

Anonymous said...

In 1977, while working as a journalist for the Far Eastern Economic Review, he was detained under the Internal Security Act for writing incendiary pro-Communist articles in the Far Eastern Economic Review and put into solitary confinement for two months.

Dont critise a person when you do not know who he is.

Anonymous said...

Attended one of his talks recently and was totally blow away by what he shared that was against all conventional thinking. He inspired me to think out of the box, look beyond my pond and frog leap into the future with a global mindset.

Salute never thought I will say this about someone whom I thought was part of the system!

Kudos to his detention bit, heard that he was ambassador son, rich man son but went through ISD detention - btw if you are from SG, you will know that is tough shit there. Anyone's been there deserves the respect.