Fear is in the air

Since the brilliant grab for power in Aware, there have been many postings questioning the group and its intention. There were many speculations and even talks of bigger things to come and bigger organisations to capture. Why should there be fear as long as the group is legitimate and not criminal? In a democracy, it is all about organisation. The people with the resources and organisation skills will be in a better position to grab power, and then grab anything they want. And with morality at its most perplexing time, when rights and wrongs are all grey, who shall stand on high moral grounds to be the judge of who is good or bad? Let the contest of ideas, organisation, ability and talent begins. And winners take all. Everything is up for grabs to the talented and well organised.


Anonymous said...

IMO, it is not fear but a hidden agenda fanning the fear.

The new leadership is an obstacle to some and it has to be removed. Mass hysteria is a good way, since the takeover is legitimate and faultless.

So, they have to picked on religion.

Jaunty Jabber said...

For organization like AWARE, most important is credibility. The people who are entrusted by AWARE to carry out all their services should be those whom the public could look up to and dignify with.

It would be a shame if any member/trainer of representative from organization who is supposed to help woman, goes out to bully other women in their personal lives.

Let’s take 2 of the most advocated topics for hypothetical purpose.


Does the personal lives and behavior of the trainer, member or representative of an organization that propagate on precautions of sexual transmitted diseases a crucial factor? In order not to contradict the organization curriculum, does organization select and ensure that all their representatives are free from personal behaviors that contradict the organization’s mission?

If a trainer, member or representative from such organization in her personal lives, is indulging in casual sex and casual relationships, can she goes to schools or any public-held talks & seminars to advise people on prevention of HIV & STD? Can she says that man & woman is free to indulge in casual sex so long as a simple protection like a condoms is used?

Can she claim that using condoms is safer than being faithful? How would the teenagers react if they found out that their sex education trainer depends on the use condoms to prevent HIV & STD than to protect oneself based on basic human moral & ethic?

Sexual harassment in a wider sense can includes harassment from female to female. A female with knowledge that a male person she is seeing is married or attached, yet knowingly intrude into the relationship with sexual offers, is a form of sexual harassment to the female victim.

To harass is to disturb or interfere with someone’s comfort and peace of mind. And to cause anxiety, apprehension, & worry to person who is innocent and did no harm to the harassment-giver. Causing the victim to suffer emotional threats and devastation.

If someone from an organization that advocates on sexual harassment suffered by woman yet in her personal lives is involved in causing indirect sexual harassment to other female, then it is big question on the credibility of the organization.