Aware - Kan Seng's new challenge

I did not want to indulge myself in this catfight which many think is a damn great issue that deserves the attention of the whole nation. But since the media deemed it so important to devote pages and pages of seriously written articles on it, let me just add my few words to the episode. Membership was a paltry 200+ before the new members flooded in for the AGM to stage a successful coup de tat. It then claimed a membership of about 400. Now a counter coup is being planned and membership has shot up to 600+. I reckon both sides will be mustering for more support in the coming EGM and membership may even hit 800 or 1000. And the mood in the EGM is not going to be just a friendly debate. We can expect a fierce cat fight. Just hope that it would not turn into a riot and spread into the streets. Kan Seng better position all this men to cordon off the area and be prepared to fire tear gas and water cannons. For good measures, some canines will come in very useful in a cat fight.


Anonymous said...

Forget about Kan Seng.
I don't think he will take any action. I guess his thinking must be: Take the wrong action, kena scolding. Take the right action, no praise from the public as it is his duty to do so.
So just wait and see, blame everybody except himself if something bad happened.

redbean said...

maybe they should do a body search before allowing anyone in for the egm. they may bring in knives, guns, molotov cocktails etc. don't play, play.

Anonymous said...

Hi redbean. I will follow Matilah's advice. Just have kachang and beer and enjoy the bitch fight.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

looks like the best thing for me to do is to sell tickets for the fight. i will sell umbrellas too, for protection.

Jaunty Jabber said...

I wonder why the supporters of the old exco seems to be those who uses dishonorable methods such as boycotting the bank, votes buying, their voices online are also more unkind as well as the loudest, latest news even reveal that they actually sent death threats to the new exco?

What kind of members were there in the old exco to have this kind of supporters?

redbean said...

now got death threats some more. it is going to be bloody if things get out of control. you becareful huh. don't get too near to the brawl.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Thanks Redbean, Yes I am staying far not only because there is danger but also there is awful sights.

auntielucia said...

Beanie, u r a bit slow... according to reports, Aware is lking for a new venue for its EOGM on May 2 becos membership already hit 800 and still counting...

redbean said...

hi auntielucia,

this looks like serious stuff. a battle royale in the making. CNN, BBC,Fox or whatever will descent into paradise to cover this great fight of the century.

and Aware is already benefitting from the high profile coverage and high membership. this is the first big contribution from the new exco.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Dear everyone,

I discovered that someone is so angry with me yet do not know how to react, hence what he/she can do is to impersonal me by leaving comments on the cyberspace, the fake Jaunty Jabber said:

"I am a fat stupid person.....jaunty jabber"

Obviously the person who dislike me must be a supporter of the old exco.

Once again I have to ask: How come most of the supporters of the old exco are people like that? What kind of members they are in the old exco to attract that calibre of supporters?

NowLessBoredZorro said...

In Thailand, we have the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts.

There were also death threats on either side and the leader of the Yellow shirts landed in Hospital on an unsuccessful assassination attempt.

Here in boring Singapore, now getting more interesting by the day, we have the Old Aware and the New Aware. I suggest Pink for the Old Aware and Red for the New Aware.

The Pink Awarees have a leader, the "Mentor" who is working quietly behind the scenes directing battle operations and formations.

Just wondering who is going to emerge as the Great Leader of the Red Awarees.

It appears that the Pink Awarees are already getting death threats.

And the Red Awarees are recruiting more new members for a counter coup.

Hey fellas, let's get our mind off the economic scenario and watch this catfight on a hot tin roof!

redbean said...

haha jaunty,

you have become a target. better be careful when you open your letter box : )

this fire is getting bigger and bigger. membership may hit 2000, better than a general election.

got to warn kan seng too.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Dear Redbean,

You are indeed a good citizen and good netizen. Continue to remind our MP to take care of us.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Whatever I have wrote about are not originated from myself, they are not my personal opinion or ideas. All that I have written are actually an aggregation of information collectable from the various locations on net. As such, I do not need to examine the information, it is purely an action of aggregating the things I saw and put them together in the form of comments to share with the rest of the netizens.

If someone were to judge my intent and assume my position, or worst, to have develop any kind of hatred towards me, then all I could say is, it is his or her personal choice.

redbean said...

can i suggest that the new guards wear red and the old guards wear pink as pink is a related to gay?

the situation is now getting tricky as both sides have big guns behind them and you just won't know who is going to stand up to front the groups. could be some VVIP's spouses will join the foray.

jaunty, better declare you are neutral : )

Jaunty Jabber said...

Jaunty Jabber is stupid with fat ass.
Jaunty Jabber do not prefer pink nor red.
Jaunty Jabber do not hijack, could only hijab.
Jaunty Jabber is jaunty, not aunty.

Redbean, are you on the red side since you are a red beanie? Better declare that you are neutral.

Anonymous said...

The old guards are behaving like gangsters.. That Chew I Jin stand like a Geylang girl. How can such woman purvey to represent woman interest. The old guard's bad conduct & behaviours will make many more SIN side with the new team.

Man will protect the new team becos for every threat made there will be equal reactions against the old team.

Anyway, OLD must give way to NEW. It is a natural process.

I ask all man who support the new team to wear RED on SATURDAY.

redbean said...

hi jaunty, you are too young and well groomed to be called aunty.
if i am younger i may be attracted to date you : )

i have no problem with the way the new exco won the election. i am liberal but also believe that some things are better done privately and not push through as a social and acceptable norm, even legitimised by the state.

i am not wearing pink or red. but for those who want to support the cause of either side, be mindful of what you are supporting. think first and get to the truth of the issues involved.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Thanks Redbean, for your compliments.

Some supporters of the new guards are belly angry at me for pointing out something that they know should be real. Thus I have to be someone fat, old, ugly & stupid in order that they can feel better.

This people fails to see that I am not trying to support the new and hate the old. I am merely unsupportive towards dishonorable doings and it happened that I find myself knowing more of such bad tactics from the old.

I dislike any form of hypocrisy. On surface, trainer of old AWARE deliver some polished curriculum in their seminars/talks to public. Down on personal level, they are not living what they preached.

Everyone has sins. But as long as you don't propagate that your sin is okay and there are many modern ideas to counter with effects of sin then I wouldn't feel any displeasure.

redbean said...

ya, the hypocrisy of the sinless. they will go around pointing out other people's sin except their own.