The Art of comparing pay

Just a few weeks back, Liew Mun Leong was in cloud nine. He was the highest paid CEO in the island. So far no one is claiming to be paid more more $21m. He is also the highest pay employee in the island, private, public, civil servants, politicians, charity organisations, religious organisations all considered. Today he is probably feeling not so high when ST compares him with the CEOs of America. There they were being paid in hundreds of millions and in US$. What Liew Mun Leong got was peanut, yes, peanuts. And based on the ST articles, Liew Mun Leong is very deserving. The American companies are paying their CEOs more than Liew Mun Leong even when their companies were losing money. It is indeed a great lesson in how to compare pay and how to make one looks good or looks not too great. Our politicians sure don't look too good when compare to Liew Mun Leong. But when apples are compared to apples, our politician's salary are beyond comparison. I hope they now believe that they should not be asking for more increases until at least Barack Obama catches up. Maybe the old media should do an investigative report on all the incomes of the world's top politicians, including all the corrupt money they are getting. I am wondering how much corrupt money is Obama and Brown or Kevin Rudd getting, or Sarkozy? Then our politicians salary will be peanuts once again. And they can then justify for another round of increases. And the people will say, ya, they are underpaid.


auntielucia said...

If u don't disclose who u r and wat yr political affiliation is, y should others? Also, do note that some may be for PAP some of the time and not at other times? Only fools will agree with PAP carte blanche and only IMH members, ex or current, will damn them carte blanche?

redbean said...

hi auntie,

i have written for the new paper and my photo and name were posted in the column whenever my article appeared.

i am using a nick for convenience just like many writers or authors.

auntielucia said...

Dear Readbean: Convenience? Y not be more like Alex Au or Siew Kum Hoong? Or Martin See? Since you write for the papers n even have yr pix there, y so shy lah, unless u r using anonymity not for convenience but to push the envelope a lot more than u would like/dare to in real life?

redbean said...

hi auntielucia,

i no need the publicity lah. anyway many of the bloggers in cyberspace have met me. the authority knows exactly who i am and where i am coming from.

i just write for entertainment like matilah. even for those who use anonymous, they should also know that there is no such things as anonymity in this small place.

just enjoy posting and when your conscience is clear, no harm will come to you. those people are everywhere and they are not idiots that go and disturb innocent citizens for nothing.

and oh, no one is asking anyone to disclose their political affiliation here. if you are referring to a nick or a pen name like what matilah is asking for, i think that is fair. it makes chatting easier like chatting to auntielucia and not anonymous.