All the hype about nothing

Not exactly nothing, but about 400 women in Aware. That is all the members in the association and the whole country is aroused. The main media went to town with something like 6 pages devoted to the association and recent happenings after non stop daily reportings of the grab for power. And even DBS has to come out in public to rebuke its senior staff for the gumption to accept the appointment as the President of the association. It is only an association of women for god sake, not an association of witches and vampires that could turn the country upside down or cast a spell on anyone that is considered enemy. Have we gone overboard over a none issue? Oops, sorry ladies, it is big issue.


singaporeshortstories.blogspot.com said...

I believe it is because AWARE is an influential group thus the media spotlight is on them especially when there is a francas!

redbean said...

hi singaporeshortstories, welcome to the blog.

maybe. but i am wondering how influential is a 400 member group. the only thing influential is the media that gives them the coverage.

without the media, who cares? i am really getting pissed off paying good money to buy this kind of news to read everyday.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, stop supporting the MSM media, like me.

The wide coverage given to the association by MSM is something along the format of Shin Min Daily News, I suppose. They report mostly on non- consequential news like who is sleeping with who, and they will interview the victim's parents, children, grandparents, sibblings, relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues etc to get news to cover the pages. In all, nothing is newsworthy at all.

Lost Citizen

auntielucia said...

I think DBS is one kind. Y allow its MD in charge of no less than the treasury be an MP and kick up a fuss over a VP becoming the head of Aware, which as you say has all of 400 members. Even if each represents 10 voices, the sum total is just 4000. Suggests that an MP's job is lighter than job as Aware's head??

I think if the old gals at Aware continue to kick up a fuss, Josie Lau should bring her supporters and start a competing organisation called Aware No More, hehe!

Anonymous said...


Jaunty Jabber said...

The AWARE old team should face their defeat with more grace. Stop all bawling and please quit insisting on a EGM or EOGM to re-vote.

If the old team really have a heart of gold to help women here, they could volunteer their service through many other means. Insisting to sit on their old chairs is plainly indicating that they are more interested in title ownership and "face" value. Cannot lose, lose in votes is lose in face, must fight back - do we want this kind of women to advocate women's well being, not me. Yucks.

redbean said...

hi jaunty,

yes, it is all about self rather than women or the association. it is all about control, position and winning.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually redbean, this group of fundamentalist christian femni-Nazis [1] [2]is very proactive and they do get through their agenda.

Bad ideas need to be tackled with good ideas. However, I prefer to stand back at a safe distance and watch the fun.

Bitch fight! Bring kacang and beer!

redbean said...

it is good to see two equally powerful established forces taking each other legitimately, fighting within the accepted system.

redbean said...

let me correct myself. in the case of the new exco, if they are fundamentalists, then it is not fair to say that they are fighting for self. they have a higher duty and cause and a higher self to fight for.

don't underestimate the power of the higher self. now we will see the secular god versus the ethereal god.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Being a person who doesn't accept the existence of anything super-natural or mystic, I reject any idea of a "higher self".

As far as I'm concerned the "gods" can fight each other. I just hope they have nice tits, so I can enjoy watching them more.

Jaunty Jabber said...

The more the old guards worked all their ways out to overturn the new team, the more I feel disgusted.

Why should the public be convinced by people who uses dishonorable methods to be in AWARE? Like boycotting DBS, canceling all their DBS credit cards, not only their own but also encourage their supporters to do the same. They are blanket collecting new members to build their vote numbers, some even offer to help pay the $40 membership fee, just to oust out the new team.

With people like the old guards, I will choose to believe that there is super-natural higher self to punish them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

OK here's the thing. Someone I know caught out D*S and N*F doing 'deals' long before the TTDura* scandal.

When asked to go to the media to report this he refused saying "It's not my duty to fight other peoples' battles. You take on these 2 organisations — you'd better have the fortitude and resources to go all the way,because they will FIGHT and they are backed by the government".

I have a lot more 'skeletons' tucked away. One day I might write a book.At the moment I can't afford the law suits :)

Matilah_Singapura said...


In other words,no 'higher power' is necessary. Eventually these people slip up, get caught and mostly end up discredited and in jail.

Jaunty Jabber said...

The old guards are desperate to plant their derrieres back to the lost exco seats. They have to resort to votes buying.

Someone on the internet has claimed that any new member who could join AWARE and vote for the old guards yet can't afford to pay $40 as membership fee, could get their membership fee funded. AWARE's rules is, only member qualify to vote.

Of course the person(s) who supply the funds have to be politically not a member from the old team. Nevertheless, direct or indirect votes buying is still votes buying.

As a woman, I do not feel comfortable to consult AWARE for help should I need it one day (I hope not), if I know that AWARE is made up of members who uses dishonorable means to gain control of an social organization.

Matilah_Singapura said...

OK here's the thing:

Although I do get provocative at times, ridicule people and their ideas, pass god-like judgement and occasionally speculate on 'conspiracies', the fact remains it is difficult if not impossible to look into peoples' hearts and minds to 'figure out' why they do what they do and for what reasons.

What we do know is that individuals act to achieve outcomes — outcomes which are perceived as a 'better state' after the action than before the decision to act was initiated. Whether it is the 'right' decision or not is entirely another matter, in addition to the thinking or non-thinking processes that led to the action itself.

Thus I reject the notion of 'sin' or 'evil' in the realm of scientific/rational evaluation of human action. Sin and evil are concepts in religion or on a personal level — morality. Being the human beings we are, it is all to easy to judge others (emotionally driven) within a framework of sin, evil, morally good or bad.

Given that humans act to achieve ends, and rejecting the notions of 'sin', perhaps looking at the environment and the systems (frameworks in which the actions are taken) would be a better choice to begin evaluation.

In big organised groups, no matter how 'noble' their objective, there will eventually be a jockeying for power — for a sub-group or lone individual who will attempt to bring their ideas/philosophy/world-view to dominance, usually with the exclusion or rejection of other ideas. Humans, are political animals.

I have a few friends in AWARE and I'm always joking with them about the 'feminist' aspect of their organisation. I joke that although I live in a more equitable society (Australia) it is GREAT to be a male in Asia because culturally being a man means you get more 'chances' in life. Of course these women get annoyed at my poke — but there's the catch. As a male in Asia your mother will tend to put you on a pedestal and make you an object of adoration. And we all know that mum is female — independent, self-reliant, just, loving... almost saint-like.

So my punch line to these gals in AWARE: "Don't blame the guys. You're female, just like mum. Take issue with her,and leave the guys alone to enjoy their mum-given right to rule and do whatever we like!"

Thanks mum!