Workers clapped after being retrenched

This is the headline of an article in the old media, 'Somthing to clap about' by Lin YanQin in Today. Workers of Chin Heng Garment Factory still found something to clap about after being retrenched. They were initially unhappy and angry and feeling quite emotional about being out of job. Soon they were clapping when the severance package negotiated over a month was improved. The workers greeted the news by bursting into an applause. This is a very positive spin on a depressing news. And the workers' morale is high and bubbly and looking forward to more challenges in good spirit, like oxens.


bbqchickenwings said...

At least they applauded. Many foreigners "Read TOC's focus on foreign workers" hardly get any money upon being sent home. They got much poorer than before coming to our wonderful island.

Anonymous said...

Erh redbean, many years ago I was also one of those hoping that my employers will retrench me, because the retrenchment benefits were generous. And even now, I have been hearing people telling me that they were hoping to get retrenched after working for decades in the same company. Who says all Singaporeans want employers to cut cost to save jobs?

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

the foreign workers is a repeat of the indenture labour system. the poor will always be exploited. i can only hope that the contractors brought them in with genuine jobs waiting for them and the problems today are due to the economic downturn. if they were brought in by contractors without jobs available, then the guilty must be punished.

as for retrenchment, yes, there was a time when jobs were a plenty and workers could get an equally paying jobs immediately, just like the privatisation of the HDB. big retrenchment benefits with a job waiting or no change in job and salary. that would be a big bonus.

and there were those who were looking towards retirement and retrenchment benefits mean a bigger angpow.

for those breadwinners and not too marketable, it is a dreadful thing to happen today.

Anonymous said...

When the severance package is all eaten up and gone and they could no longer find another job, let's see whether they'll still be clapping!

I foresee that some will turn to crime, prostitution and other means to make sure that two meals are on the table.

This kind of short term euphoria is like having a binge at a pub and then wake up the next morning with a BIG hangover.

Dr. Cordon Tan.