Who's next to be 'goreng'?

The new media has brought about a new dimension in things that will be discussed and things that will not be discussed in the past. The old media, TOM, has professionally chose to discuss things that they deemed acceptable to discuss and things that they would not touch for obvious reasons. But the gap, the things that TOM will not discuss will be discussed, thoroughly, roughly and viciously, by the netizens when deemed fit. Since the Mas Selamat's vanishing act, Kan Seng was the first to be 'goreng' by netizens for every flaw that led to the escape, including slipshod comments and gaps in the logic presented. Then there was a lapse until Tan Yong Soon told the story of his exciting cooking class in Paris. And the storm broke. But before the storm receded, in came Charles Chong and his 'lesser mortal' comment. The netizens were not going to let him slip away with such a heavenly view of things. Yes they walloped him. Yesterday was Boon Wan's turn to be grilled, not medium rare but well done. His comment about putting the oldies into nursing homes in JB was not taken kindly. Even his credential with a Buddhist shield could not protect him. They questioned his values on filial piety and gratitude to the parents. Lui Tuck Yew's dressing down of netizens as immature too got a bollocking. He thought he could get away with such a sweeping statement in Parliament. He could if there was no cyberspace. TOM would probably add on and support his comments against the netizens. But the netizens now have an avenue to talk back. Don't anyhow scold the netizens. They will return the courtesy. But the perpetual favourite is Swee Say. The netizens remember every of his comments and wise cracks. From his happy reading of his CPF statements to his upturn the downturn, were well discussed. The latest was his mouse that barked away a cat. The MPs in Parliament found the Tom and Jerry fable amusing, but not the netizens. The latter too had a good laugh but for the wrong reasons. Would the people hear any of these juicy expressions of views and emotions in TOM? Fat hope. Only cyberspace can provide the spices and colour on such X rated news. Who's next to disparage the netizens and be the talk of the town or talk of cyberspace?


Anonymous said...

We can goreng them all we want on the Internet, but at the end of the month, they are still the ones laughing their way to the bank. I doubt any of them lose any sleep every night thinking of ways to stop netizens from continuing to goreng them. They will still ram their ill-thought out policies down the people's throats. And they will also continue to play Russian roulette with the people's money. Life still goes on, for them and for us.

Anonymous said...

They can have as fat an account as they like, however, they got to be mindful of their compatriot Khaw Boon Wans' curse regarding the 18 levels of hell.

Unless, of course, if they are not fearful of sinning.

Otherwise, sleeps will cause nightmares.

Pious Khaw has dutifully warned his colleagues of the consequences of sin, the rest is up to them. In any case, they should thank Khaw Boon Wan for the reminder


Anonymous said...

When you are raking in a seven figure monthly salary, do you seriously believe the thought of sin even resonates in their cold hearts? The sacred Khaw can say all his wants about sin and what not. It's another matter altogether if he even believes all that. Dream on, patriot.

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot of nightmares lately,

can't exorcise, an atheist.

So, no hell for me though, except in



redbean said...

need a better feng shui master to do some adjustments.

but can't run away from 'yi min, er yun, san feng shui'.

Anonymous said...


not a single 'fengshui sifu'(geomancer), repeat; no one of them

predicted the financial turmoil.

Stupid me, don't I know geomancers hardly know their own fates too.


Anonymous said...

Geomancy = geo + man + c + y.

That means:
Geography = about the earth.
Man = man made.
C = con.
Y = you.

So Geomancy means

Man-made story about earth to con you.