Where is the MISTAKE?

From New York to Singapore, from the global international crisis to national recession, where is the mistake? Or better, where is the word 'MISTAKE' been mentioned? The truth is that no one make any mistake. It just happened. Everyone is caught in a world wide tsunami that came from nowhere. Make no mistake about it. It is just a phenomenon that we have to live with, or everyone has to live with.


Anonymous said...

'Bohpian lah'(Hokkien Dialect-meaning powerless/helpless).

Mistake, so what? Even if one knows they were human manipulations by the powerfuls and the corrupted.

Be it Imperial or Democratic System, absolute power takes all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, make no mistake. It is a global recession arising from a world wide tsunami that came about because of a natural phenomenon. No human beans involved.

Lost Citizen

bbqchickenwings said...

No mistakes. We are investing for the long term.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The best part of this is — the pepople in-charge who didn't see this coming, now EXPECT the rest of us to TRUST THEM (the one's who are apparently not omniscient) because these 'geniuses' have some specials skills and acumen which qualifies them to know what is 'good' for everyone.

Use logic. Spot contradictions. Works everytime.

redbean said...

i am happy that all of you agreed with me that no mistake was made.

lui tuck yew, see, we all believe in the truth. we don't blame anyone.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, just watched the BBC programme on the grilling of RBS and HBOS executives. They apologised "profoundly", "unreservedly" etc. and all that was shown live on TV for the whole nation to see. Wonder if you will see the same on Singapore TV??

redbean said...

hi speed, will try to get to it.

but our situation is different. we have not made any mistake so there is nothing to apologise. you must have remembered the NKF saga. also no apologies because no mistake was committed. everything was authorised. approved.