What's the big deal?

The current financial crisis is not really a crisis if one is prepared to look at the problems objectively. We are not the poor beggars of third world countries. In fact many Singaporeans are still very rich, worth half a million or a million at least, in assets. See, the problems start to fritter away when you are clear and see things in the correct perspective. Unlock the value of your assets. Singaporeans can't go around begging when they are living in big houses or expensive flats. Those in 5 rm flats can downgrade to 4 rm, 4 rm to 3rm. They will be cash rich immediately. When the finances are not in order, how can they still think of staying in 5 rm or 4 rm flats and ask the govt for assistance? And for the 3 roomers, go for the HDB studio or go for rentals. They must thank the govt for the foresight to build more smaller flats and rental flats. But a better solution is to sell and take all the monies to neighbouring countries like China, India and Indonesia. JB is not a bad place too, cheap and good. And one can live in peace without worrying about old age and being sent to JB's nursing homes. Go there now and chop a place first. Brilliant huh?


Anonymous said...

brilliant as a woody allan movie.

Anonymous said...

er.....Uncle, I have to disagree with you on this one.

Singaporeans being such good fcukers, look at the crowd in Yaloong every night, their money would be stolen from them when they are living right in the epicentre of the supply chain.

Better stay here for better or for worst. It may not be perfect but at least I think for most, three meals a day is not a problem.

As for JB, I am sure kiasi Sickaporeans would not want to be mugged as that cesspit up north is full of low lives from down south of us and latest I heard, the South American nasties are muscling into the action.

A good alternative is Australia where the currency is now about parity and you can exchange your pigeonhole for a detached house sitting on land that is perpetually yours and not leased!

Cordon Immortal Tan

Dog said...

Yes. The lower grade Sporeans should go north and singa-form the wild so that our elites can move into there in 10-15 years. This is the only way we can expand our country and still let our people live well.
But of course our gahman should subsidize these 200,000 families with 1000rm/pm for the next 5 years or earlier. The only condition should be they must not denounce the singa-citizenship.

redbean said...

you got your point cordon. jb not too good for rich singaporeans. ah kongs and ah mahs in nursing homes think should be ok.

redbean said...


you just beat me with your post.

Anonymous said...

All this while we are assuming that the Malaysians will want us in JB. Were residents in JB not complaining about Singaporeans doing shopping and pushing up consumer prices in JB not long ago? If that is anything to go by, I don't believe they are going to welcome us with open arms.

And the good doctor up north has not spoken his piece yet about such a suggestion. Trust him to stand his ground and protect his bumi kingdom.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

What shite are you talking redbean?

As long as the women stay put, the men will too. And the women are having a good time!


redbean said...

cow dung lah. want to try?