We have misunderstood Lui Tuck Yew.

All the netizens have misunderstood Lui Tuck Yew. He has explained himself in Parliament that he was also for the light touch of regulating cyberspace and not for more regulations. I am wondering whether what was reported was exactly what he said or it was just the nuances that came out in the old media. It is good that Tuck Yew came out to clarify his position so quickly. Cyber regulations is for the netizens to decide. This sounds reasonable. Unfortunately the development of cyberspace and the concept of regulations do not fit in the new scheme of things. Regulations in cyberspace can only be effective in a limited and control area, a specific site. When it is cyberspace in toto, you can't really do anything. Unless govts want to adopt the cowboy tactic of hanging the horse thief and set up a ruthless task force to execute it, pursue the violators to the keyboard he is typing on, and chop off his fingers. Just like hard copy literature, with all the regulations, the pornography, hardcore and softcore media and fanatical literatures are everywhere. If you don't see it does not mean it is not there. Cyberspace will have its own version of the whole spectrum of acceptable and unacceptable blogs and sites. They will co exist and each will find its own customers and followers. What would likely to happen is that every netizen will go to places they are comfortable with. People will read what they want to read. Yes freedom of choice. Cyberspace will evolve and the bees will gather where there is honey and the houseflies will seek where there is rubbish. Oops, like me put it differently. The kopi drinkers will go to the kopitiams or coffee bean stalls, the tea drinkers can go to the sarabat stalls or tea houses, the beer drinkers can go to hawker stalls or pubs. And the wine drinkers can drink wine at kopitiams too, instead of wine bars. Basically, to each his own. That is what cyberspace is all about. No more nannying. Grow up. Yes people cannot be tied to the apron forever and thinking that they are children for life.


bbqchickenwings said...

Indeed, the cyberworld is so big everyone can find a place where they belong. Just like Lui who never watches porno, what a dude.

I am not so sure whether the gahmen wants us to grow up though. For self-interest, they will want some manipulation/nannying the citizens.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Some form of internet regulation by states is inevitable — i.e. it will happen sooner or later.

Those who are unfamiliar with the concept of "eminent domain" should lookup and understand this idea of statecraft and as a 'legal' tool all states have.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say redbean, pictures of the babes are quite tasty.

redbean said...

just don't mess up your keyboard huh.

the balinese dancers came in full strength. quite a contribution to chingay. you should go to bali to see them.

Anonymous said...

Umm where are we dissidents gonna run to?

Anonymous said...

maybe run to the distant planets of the solar system

redbean said...

don't worry. the key words today are light touches. and when everything is crumbling down, the last thing they want to do is to use the big stick.

we are walking into an era of fallen myths.

Anonymous said...

We also have the pseudo golden era to live through.

The ox will have to slog, Singaporeans are forced to rest, the slaves have no work(job).

Rest well !


Anonymous said...

Yes, Lui Tuck Yew is such a misunderstood kid. All of us need to grow up.

Otherwise immature people cannot make a mature govt and mature country.

How can we call ourselves First World Nation when our people as still so immatured?


redbean said...

hi blackbean, welcome to the blog.

yeah, they have forgotten to clarify that they did not mean to say that netizens are immature. just wait for the clarifications. i think they will get back to this later.

for the time being, let's accept that netizens are immature in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Lui Tuck Yew is having a stressful year this time round, according to his date of birth thru numerology. He shouldn't have made unnecessary comments about other bloggers. Live and let live.

redbean said...

haha, you might want to recommend him to hang a baqua on his front door.