Too much bad news!

This seems to be the complaint of the day. The old media is joining cyberspace in reporting bad news and more bad news. Now isn't that bad? It is time to report good news. And this is a sign of being responsible, to tell good ending fairy tales. How would the media react to this call of telling good news in bad times? Would they be challenged by their professionalism or their conscience? Should the journalists or anyone reporting on news, deliberately take on a one sided approach, to cook up good news for that happy feeling? To tell the tooth or to tell the truth? It seems that telling the tooth is a duty call. What kind of spin shall one put into it when job losses, wage freezes, cannot keep up with bills and debt payments are the order of the day? One way to approach it is to report on the lifestyles of the rich and famous and their parties and expensive taste. Forget about the hard luck cases. Those are losers and they deserved to be in those desperate situations. These are the people who skims to save 10c on their bus fare, try to whip up dinner for 4 for $10 or downgrade from drinking $200 a bottle wine to a $12 bottle of fermented grapes that are still drinkable. What a life. I hope writing on bad news does not become seditious.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Bad news sells lah. redbean, you are no media fool, you work for the scoundrels. Therefore you ought to know by now that bad news sells.

Bad news helps generate a 'negative spirit' in The People.

Statists, especially Fabian Socialists in government do well to employ a Fabian Strategy to attack the individual wills of the people. Sooner or later they give up:

"Ah wat the fuck lah... just mind own business, let the government look after the shit"

Now there are dangers and crises all around. The people are doomed...unless

...there is 'someone'...

...to SAVE THEM!

Next thing you know: new 'public policy', new 'agency' (aka stat board aka feudal serfdom), new 'campaign' (with a stupid annoying new song -- the melody makes you choke and the the words make you vomit, and the TCS 'star' licking the state's balls needs to die, real soon)...

The MSM is a motherfucking propaganda machine folks. Designed to fuck with your mind and leave you in a state of panic where you can't think clearly, and just agree with the opportunistic government which says it can "help you".

Fuck the media -- supreme fellaters of the establishment!

Anonymous said...

Though I am dead set against the tone of the langauage, somehow, sometimes, I just feel like riding along with Matilah Singapura. Especially when my spirit gets driven down.

Boleh tumpang, Bang?


redbean said...

in crisis, there will be opportunities for great leaders to appear. one year down the road we will be writing about the great leaders and heroes that stepped forward to save us.

then there will be celebrations all round.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Patriot, do what you like. No permission required. Especially from me. I'm not the fucking government