Time to face the crisis squarely

All the ifs and buts and maybes must be put aside. We are facing a crisis. There is no where to hide. The country is facing a crisis. The people are also facing a crisis. It is time the man himself calls for a TV conference and talk to the nation. I would expect the man to say, look people, we are in difficult times. The whole world is also in difficult times, and we are not alone. Yes, we have been hit. Some of our investments have gone sour. Here are the numbers. We have so much and we have lost so much. Period. Now we need to go forward together in this crisis. We are family. We will face this crisis head on, squarely. We will do everything we can, for the country and for the people. Let's stand united, lock arms, as one people, one nation. We shall overcome. Thank you and have a good nite sleep. It is not the end of the world.


bbqchickenwings said...

The man is as elusive as Mas Selamat.

When was the last time we saw any of the big three (MM, SM, PM) in the news?

Anonymous said...

Family? Ask the Hougang and Potong Pasir residents whether they are treated as part of the family?

Ask Low and Chiam whether they are treated as part of the family in Parliament?

Then we can start talking about being a family.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

> The whole world is also in difficult times, and we are not alone. <

Oh boo hoo. Cry-baby bullshit.

Let's join our hands in unity to share our hopelessness and losses with each other. Let's pat each other on the back and validate our mutual suffering. Let's sing 'Kum baya' and 'We Shall Overcome' together and we'd all feel better.

> The people are also facing a crisis. <

Are you sure? Everyone? Every single one?

redbean said...

of course not everyone is in trouble. how could it be when people can spend $50k for a holiday.

as for hougang and potong pasir, it seems that the lines have been drawn and will remain even after election is over. so it is you on one side and they on the other side. luckily they never erect fences.

Anonymous said...

when have we ever seen him before papa & sm & the fallguys come out & take the heat for him?
come on grow some balls!

redbean said...

actually it is not a matter of man or balls. it is called leadership. whoever wants to lead must stand up to lead. and one of the most important thing now is to stand up and face the people, tell it right into their face, as it is.

how it is being told and how the people are going to take it will show whether the people are going along with the leader or rejecting the leader.

not easy to face the truth. the hour of reckoning is now.

Dog said...

The high-man who digs the Tao has mastered the middle-way. Being neither yin nor yang has made him to appear sluggish when in reality he is swift as the dragon, in his own mind at the very least.
To the common man the world is facing a crisis however to him it is only a shifting of focus. He will overcome while the mass will still live to grumble eternally.

redbean said...

yes, high man or 'gou ren'.

one needs to attain a level of being immovable by any event.