Time for a one party dictatorship

We are in a major crisis. We cannot afford to have a weak govt. We cannot afford to have all the politikings going around and sapping away the energy of the govt. We need continuity so that the govt can plan ahead to overcome this crisis. All the conditions are ripe for a single party govt to manage the country over the long haul. A combative democratic process is unhealthy. We have lost probably $100b or more of our reserves. And we don't even know how much is our reserves or how much we have lost. Someone told me not to worry, we have much more in reserves than officially announced. Actually it is frightening if losing $100b is seen as nothing. We need really able men and women to make sure that our reserves keep growing and being protected. And if we are to have able people managing them, a one party dictatorship is the way to go. Through our experience many good men and women would not want to be involved in the rough and tussle of running for election. A single party dictatorship will give the govt full authority to appoint the good men to office, something like the American president appointing his cabinet. There were signs of an election coming with the electoral list being updated. The media reported that there were no new faces doing the walkabout, indicating that the team will stay put. This could be a possibility. How about the possibility of an election for a dictatorship or a single party rule? Like I said above, a dictatorship or single party rule has the flexibility for the power to appoint the office bearers. No neeed new faces to walk about and be recognised or to learn the rope of garnering grassroot support. Is it possible? But this is not the issue. The main issue now is for a sustainable govt to be in place for a long time to overcome this crisis. The people must close rank and support the govt, stay together and cut down on all the bickering and allow the govt to do its job. Maybe 10 years, 20 or 30 years, we shall overcome.


Anonymous said...

That's... that's the most wonderful suggestion I've ever read.

Why hasn't the world experimented with this kind of system before?

redbean said...

the communist and fascist countries have such system. tested and running smoothly.

since america is failing, maybe we should look east, or northeast.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> the communist and fascist countries have such system. tested and running smoothly. <

Socialism of any flavour eventually fails — usually brutally. The reason is simple: central control of resources... and everything else. This makes it very wasteful, inefficient and disruptive.

It's got nothing to do with power or greed or any other bullshit human emotions that many unthinking bloggers here are quick to blame. Although of course, totalitarianism and dictatorships come will all sorts of interesting human behaviour — guaranteed to entertain the most discerning of 'audiences'.

Here's me helping dictator wannabes

The more 'free market' the society, the greater the security, peace and prosperity.

However, for me... I get bored with that. Don't get me wrong, I love living in a market-oriented society...because of the high quality of life it creates.

However I love to observe totalitarian dictatorships from the comfort, luxury and security of a market-oriented society.

Before long, strange things start to occur in a totalitarian society. The first thing to go is manners and then the tendency of people to trust each other. Then loyalty dies. The family unit is torn apart, and the state intervenes in every matter of humanity.

There is soon despiration, high stress levels and a feeling of dread, fear of the government, corruption in the offices and officers of the state... and all sorts of fun and entertaining things then eventually occur.

Meanwhile, in the (relatively) free market/ free individual society... all you hear are crickets and everyone is in bed by 9! Boring lah!

Once in awhile there is a robbery, murder or rape. But in no way is it comparable to the crime found in socialist tyrannies — where the state commits murder and pillage regularly. Now you're talking ACTION!

Anonymous said...

Singapore under Emperor Redbean...

I won't mind =)

redbean said...

if i am emperor, oh yes, i am Emperor of WBA.

the first priority is to lower cost in public housing, hospitalisation, education, public transport etc.

the next priority is to return the people's savings in CPF and Medisave. they will be given all the choices to leave their money in the CPF, voluntarily.

Georgies said...

One party state? Singapore is a one party state. Alright there is the odd opposition shooting their mouth off but they are not in paliament. Actually, it is a good idea, ministers could fully concentrate on planning and doing their great work. Why go through the motion of election when the result is already predictable. Better spend the time to plan the future.