Talk, shout, scream, kpkb, beat the dustbin!

Singaporeans must make noise, make all the noise that is necessary when they see something is not right. For if they don't, it will be taken that everything is alright. See, no one complaining. Everything must be fine. If Singaporeans are willing to accept all the nonsense thrown at them, their money kept away from them, take their money from them, and let things happened the way others want it their way, they have only themselves to blame for the shit that are being thrown into their faces. The fate of the people is in their own hands. And they can't say they have no opportunity to make their views and opinions heard. In the past TOM would have the absolute authority to sieve through what they want or do not want to be printed, to be read. Today the internet is there. Just hit the keyboard and out it goes. No one can stop you, except yourself. It is all up to you now. You can only blame yourself if you allow people to abuse you and rob you of your right, your money and your voice. Go, make all the noise that you want and be heard.


Anonymous said...

Take action through the ballot box. That is the only sure way. Anyway, if you cannot tahan anymore, just pack up and leave. No one is stopping you.

Anonymous said...

what to do when ballot boxes are questionable!leaving is like admitting defeat. just keep banging....the example Nair

redbean said...

True blue hardlanders don't just quick. They can't. This is all they got.