Step aside Tan Kin Lian

We have two heroes coming in to help the investors in the minibond debacle. Professor Hans Tjio of NUS will oversee the process at Hong Leong Finance. At DMG & Partners Securities, Kim Eng Securities, OCBC Securities and UOB Kay Hian will be Hwang Soo Jin. Both "will not be personally involved in the resolution and settlement of individual complaints. 'They will provide MAS with regular updates on the progress of the financial institutions' complaints review and will highlight to MAS any shortcoming in their processes as well as any issues that require regulatroy follow up,' said the central bank." This is reported in Today paper. Tan Kin Lian's role is over. Now the heroes will step in to finish the job.


Anonymous said...

When the grave digger finishes the job, it's time for the bricklayers and the plasterers to make a nice big tombstone! He He.

Dr. Cordon Tan, Professor of French Cuisine.

Anonymous said...

And the saga will rest in peace. They know that.

redbean said...

i like your title man. Dr and Professor. my only title that can match yours is Emperor, WBA.

in my eyes, tan kin lian is the real hero. i still like the way the media invented another 2 heroes to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Those who left the PAP will not become heroes. Those who pick bones with NTUC or the establishment will not become heroes. The 33.33% of Singaporeans know this. Those who lick boots will go far. The 66.67% of Singaporeans know this.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

In these perilous times, the only way to get a job is to get yourself some title.

I am a Director of French Cuisine Menu Planning at a six star hotel. I'll have you know that I got my qualifications from a prestigious french cooking school on a A*Sun scholarship. So now I am a Greater Immortal.

Redbean, you can be the Emperor of the WBA but please don't tell your subjects how to blog and what kind of language to use! You'll be laughed off the map. Same as governments wanting to restrict and censor internet usage.

Anonymous said...

Oops! forgot to add my footprint and title above.

Ok here goes:

Dr. Cordon Tan
Professor of French Cuisine.

redbean said...

from emperor WBA to dr professor,

luckily my WBA got no rules on anything. i just give titles and everyone is a king.

Anonymous said...

for a blog to be taken seriously, it viewpoints ought not swing like a wild pendulum. A while ago Tan Kin Lian forms "the A-team", now he "step aside". A blog which sounds like a monkey jumping & crowning around will ultimately be taken as a wild loose swan swirling muddy waters in swampy land.

"those who lick boots will go far" - seemingly you are saying ppl 66.67% are quite stupid and lack brains and ability to stand on their own feet. So they voted PAP.. Such analogy is too simplistic. Yes there are boots licker but a small number.

Be glad there are ppl like Tan Kim Lian willing to stand up careless whether he was ex PAP or ex NTUC e. Being ex PAP and NTUC gives him the edge & experience and knowledge which is a positive point.

Bloggers are large community and cannot be expected to speak with one unison voice with a deterministic target. In the end such play-play blogs talk fun blogs will ultimately prostitute itself and be relegated to dumbs. Enjoy & trash around but with a target in mind, not just make funny faces.

redbean said...

i will like to advise bloggers to read and understand the essence of people's postings and not read things at face value. it takes a little effort and intelligence to filter out the truth from the tooth.

by the way, this is a not partisan blog and should not take a one sided entrenched view. every issue must be hammered from all angles to get a clearer picture. it will be regrettable if this blog ends up as a bashing board against any group blindly.

bloggers must have a critical and open mind. never a closed mind. we are free to express views for or against any side.

redbean said...

by the way this is what i posted in the 3rd replies above.

'in my eyes, tan kin lian is the real hero. i still like the way the media invented another 2 heroes to the rescue.'

Anonymous said...

Ya Red Bean, you're the man.

To the others, please read a blog and it's comments with the grey matter swimming around your brain and not take words, nuances and inflections at face value.

"Play Play" blogs don't get the kind of audience that Redbean does. He definitely ain't no Gurmit Singh!

Dr. Cordon Tan

Anonymous said...

what's WBA?

redbean said...

WBA = World Bloggers Association. every blogger is an automatic member. no fees, no rules.

i have appointed redbean as the Emperor of the association. any member who paids homage to him will be honoured with the title of a king. so far we have King, Eastern Blogosphere, King Western Blogosphere and King Southern Blogosphere.

just ask and you will be bestowed with the title : )

redbean, Emperor WBA.