Slowly but steadily

The people are getting wiser by the days, and so are the MPs. Both are beginning to realise that the money in the Medisave is the people's money, kept there to pay for medical bills. Why are there so many regulations preventing the people from using their own savings to treat their illnesses? When has it become the right of the govt to dictate how and what the money can be used for? It is not the govt's money, not a govt grant, not a subsidy, not charity. It is the people's money. Now there is a big debate on whether to let the money be used overseas where the medical cost is cheaper. Hey, think utilitarian, make the money work for the best value it can get, be it JB or Bangkok or anywhere else. Why should the people be allowed only to spend their money in expensive set ups here? It can be depleted very fast.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Here we go again debating CPF issues as if there was "truth" in the system.

The Medisave scheme is BOGUS.