Singaporean first or foreigners first

This is gearing up to be the new debate of the day. Several MPs are standing up to be heard in speaking up for a Singaporean first policy. It was never an issue till now. We used to hear things like foreigners are talented and here to help us. Why are we chasing them away if they are here to help us? Not very logical. Then there is also the brutal truth version. Singaporeans who cannot make it in such an ideal environment like paradise, to make money and a good life, deserved to be kicked aside. They just don't have it to make it in life. Let their places be taken over by the hungrier foreigners. Maybe we should compromise on this. Singaporeans, being less talented, can take over the cleaning jobs in food courts. The talented foreigners can run the country.


Anonymous said...

Yell faul

Do we really run our own country or someone pulling the string, everything else being not equal( rich vs poor, 1st world vs third world, talent vs losers)?

just a illusion of progress ... everyone remain the same(socio economic status) while a few got out.

Anonymous said...

I strongly support to pick some real foreign talents to be our MPs,minister and even PM if we can get talented chaps like Bill Clinton,if he is willing to come and he may -provided we dont ask about his private life.

I am not sure we would ask as we are gearing up to be the global hub of gaming dens and 3/4 naked dancing gals.

Anonymous said...

There are so many PRCs here that it would not be in the least surprising if some of our future MPs will be former Study Mamas or children of Study Mamas!

But at least they look better than what we have sitting in Parliament now!

Dr. Cordon Tan

redbean said...

the good looking ones will not put you off by their looks and may still look cute even if they don't talk sense. the not so good looking ones better talk good sense for there is nothing to fall back on.