The Shahibs have landed

Goodyear is here. And many more good years may follow. We have unfolded our new secret formula to take on the world of corporate giants. We are in the big league, with a big war chest to spend. And we need a new formula to prove that we are different. We need an Angmoh face to front our international vehicles to look more real and international. Don't get me wrong, I am not xenophobic. In a brave new world when a black man can front the most powerful nation on earth, why are we still sticking to the old colonial formula of Angmoh best? Have we not learn enough? Have we not learn any lessons from the financial crisis that is unfolding in our face? There is no short cut to success. The only short cut is fraud or deceit. In other forms they called it creative accounting or doctoring the books. We don't need to learn this from the West. If Asians do not think they can succeed without an Angmoh face, then Asians should deserve to be doomed. China and India have proven that Asians are not duds. Japan, Korea and Hongkong have proven that Asians are equally eloquent and good in the theatre of warfare in international business. Perhaps our colonial fantasy is still deeply engraved inside our psychic. There are some advantages in having an Angmoh face to run our business. I dread that this is the magic formula to live by. Someone told me that some of our overseas businesses deliberately hired Angmohs to give it more credence and respectability. If the logic of western superiority is true, UOB should have folded up long ago. And India and China will still be colony or semi colony. All the Indian and Chinese corporations are doomed. How is it that Japanese brands are household names in the world market? Yes shahib. Tea or coffee?


Anonymous said...

My sincere hope that this talented FT would be successful,and he would be followed by the real FTs who could take over all our political offices,including PM,MM,SM and ministers.

A Singapore citizens is probably still required for the post of president.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ching got fired!

Anonymous said...

just visit any shopping mall and look at the boutiques. they are filled with photos of ang-moh models - sometimes even modelling local brands.

this is not the case in south korea, china, japan.

is colonialism still ingrained in us?

i think we have an identity crisis

Anonymous said...

"Ability in itself is nothing when denied opportunity."

Buy local.LT(Any Asians First)before FT( Any Angmoh Last).

redbean said...

i got this strange feeling that if we lay down the paper qualifications of the angmohs and our own talents on the table, the former will all be in the Bs and Cs while ours will be straight As.

funny that all the straight As are reporting to the Bs and Cs. what is wrong? either our grades are not real or inflated. or it only confirms that paper grades are useless.

Anonymous said...


many angmohs(Caucasians) have came and gone.

They took along some rewards for taking some raps on behalve of the locals freeing the latters from culpabilities.

After that they(the angmohs) went elsewhere to make fortune again.

Sometimes, I feel that some Singaporean Talents are damn foolish.


Anonymous said...

to profit from singapore it is better not to be a singaporean citizen

but with global trotting... we're allowed to extend similar treatment to other nations =)

redbean said...

i don't mind taking the rap with that kinds of rewards. a golden handshake is enough to retire for life, very comfortably.

Anonymous said...

Dream on my friend(redbean);

Tough You are born a Singaporean and have done your National Service(but I do no know how much You liked it) You are nevertheless Citizen 2nd Class.

Only First Class Foreign Talents are eligible to play fall guys(both genders).


redbean said...

dear patriot,

thanks for pouring cold water over me. i am now fully awake.