Second key tested!

Chua Mui Hoong in her article today in the ST is all praise for the second key system. It has been tested and it works. It works so smoothly like a well oiled machinery. Everything goes without a single hitch. The system has been perfected over time. What if the President said no? Or what if the Presidential Council said no? These are highly unlikely scenarios. But let's say if it happens, what's next? The request to dip into the reserves goes back to Parliament for another debate, repackage and re submit to the President? Could there be a provision somewhere that after 3 rejections by the President the request should automatically be passed in Parliament? Or would there be a vote of no confidence on the President and a new elected President be elected? Or would the govt just accept it and say can't do anything to help the people because the President said no and no money available? Has this part been tested? How smooth will it be?


Anonymous said...

When the boss says give me the key, can he refuse? If I am getting more than $3m in salary, and my boss say, give me the key or you loose your job, I just say take it and do what you want with it, just continue to pay me my salary, for another term if possible.

Anonymous said...

The presidential key will not be tested so long as the status quo remains.

It will be tested when another mirage like Ong TC happens on the scene or when the interpreter is still kicking and there is a new regime in power.


redbean said...

so, how many of you agree that the system is now operational, running smoothly?

and welcome to the blog CIT. i hope this is your nick and not some abbreviation. : )

Anonymous said...

How can the system be considered to be operational and running smoothly when it is just a mirage? The puppet still has a puppet master.

Lost Citizen