The Sahibs are coming

Obama is going to put a cap to the salaries of CEOs whose corporations received bailout aids from the govt. Many of these highly talented CEOs will be making a beeline out of America, and where to but paradise. It will be a great loss to America, a brain drain. America will lose their great talents. And paradise will benefit from their presence, their skills, experience. More good years ahead. Just pay them for what they asked for. Every cent is worth it. They will come in handy to manage our investments in Citibank, now BOA, UBS, Barclay and whatever.


Anonymous said...

sahibs reminds me of George Orwell's "Burmese Days"

redbean said...

the term sahib is made infamous at the subcontinent during the colonial days. it is used by the subjects to address their colonial masters.

we are revisiting our colonial days with neo colonialism.

good morning sahib! yes sahib!

Anonymous said...


Are you advocating that we throw open our doors now to Foreign Talent crooks in addition to Foreign Talent whores, Foreign Talent study mamas, Foreign Talent sanitation engineers?

Dr. Cordon Tan

redbean said...

when they come, you better say, 'yes sahib. have a good day sahib.'

they are here to help us and bring us to the next level of economic development.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The exodus has already started.

Make no mistake: the American Senior Executive/Businessperson is a formidable adversary in the commercial world. They are excellent strategists, and American management science is always 'cutting edge'.

Prez Hussein is crazy for motivating these valuable folks to leave the US. But other countries might gain from their ability to get things done — like make money.

Anonymous said...

'They are here to help us and bring us to the next level of economic development'

I like it. It sounds so cool, smooth and musical. Is this the new chorus of the next song from the rulers of paradise?

redbean said...

we will have our own citibank, lehman bros, and toxic products and finally our own financial crisis.