Pass the hats around please

We need to create more jobs. I don’t mean creating jobs like cleaners and chambermaids. I mean real jobs that pay reasonably well. There are three ways to go about it. One, with our huge reserves, more jobs can be created with the money available. We can create more seniors and deputies positions, eg senior or deputy President to the President or senior vice Presidents, deputy to the vice President, senior Perm Sec, deputy Perm Sec or deputy to deputy Perm Sec. We can also have senior mayors, deputy mayors, or even create new ones like governors and deputy governors. The people have already accepted the practice of seniors, so it should not be an issue. Precedents have been set. It is a good precedent. A second way is to pass the hats around. Stop the ridiculous practice of one person wearing 10 or 20 hats. Pass the hats around so that more people can wear one or two fat hats. The greedy practice of several hats on a small head or a small head that thinks it is very big is unhealthy. Ok, I must be careful about this as there are not many people that are fit to wear big hats or many hats. A third way, and this concerns the filthy rich oldies. Many of the oldies are so rich that even without the income from their jobs they will have enough money to last a few generations. Let them retire gracefully to enjoy their wealth, to see the world and smell the roses. And let the younger and hungrier people take over their jobs. After all many are so feeble that most of the time they were on sick leave or fail to turn up for meetings or for work. We can spread a little generosity around and cast the net wider to share the goodies.


Anonymous said...

vice indeed,,,,what a bull !!!!,,,you have no idea at all. creat job is to open/creat opportunities for business-lah bodoh,,,than with more business, more jobs-lah,,,,not vice president/mayor kind of shit,,,,you empty brainless senile oldman.
think before you write more nonsense next time. don't think you are smart,,,stupid fellow.

hehehe relax be happy o.k. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fuck you anonymous. Leave Redbean alone. I know you cannot stand up to him and is hurt by his truth. Just fuck off!

Anonymous said...

To the 1st anonymous

Fuck you and get lost. Leave Mr Redbean alone you dumb fuck.

redbean said...

hi guys,

leave that pariah alone in his own gutters. don't be surprised he came from an elitist family.


bbqchickenwings said...

Chill people,

The same message can be put across without using degenerating language

redbean said...

bbqchickenwing, welcome to the blog.

and thanks for the comment. let's make this a discussion blog and not for name calling.

cheers everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wow,redbean,you still talk about reserve.

DR Tony Tan just confirmed yesterday that we lost S$260 billion.

154th,2 Feb 2009,p.A4

Dr Tony Tan yesterday finally confirmed that Spore Inc suffered paper loss of S$260 billion,probably a world record.

Dr Tan disclosed that GIC had portfolio value of US$300 billion(S$450 billion),and we know fr TMS's report that TMS has portfolio value of S$200 billion.

So a total investment value of S$650 billion,built up mainly by Spore citizens over the last 50 years.

Minister Tharman confirmed that Spore Inc's loss was around 40%,so a loss of S$260 billion.


Updated: 19th January 2009, 1710 hrs
GIC, Temasek outperform market: Tharman Shanmugaratnam

The value of the investments of the Government of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC), and Temasek Holdings fell less than the decline in global equity markets last year.

In a written response to queries in parliament today about the extent of losses suffered by the two investment firms in 2008, Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugratnam said investments by the two firms have inevitably been affected amid the financial turmoil.

But he said the two investment companies lowered their holdings in equities early in the crisis, which helped them post a smaller drop in their portfolios.

He added that GIC and Temasek’s strategies also put them in a position to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise from the current downturn.

The MSCI World Equities fell 42 percent last year while the MSCI Singapore fell by over 50 percent.

Dr Tony Tan also declared rather proudly that of the S$450 billion fund,only 7% is in CASH at the end of 2008,and declared it very satisfying.

&% of S$450 billion is only S$31 billion,just enough for Minister Tharman small stimulus budget of S$20 billion,not even enough for more off budget measures,and this wizkid was all so pround of his management.

redbean said...

hi anonymous 2:43,

i am lost for words. i read the ST and BT. all i got was we have outperformed the market and GIC is managing a portfolio of $450b and Temasek another $200b. nothing about paper loss of $260b.

that's why i was very optimistic of our reserves.

your info reliable? what is the source? our ST and BT are reliable.

Anonymous said...

well.we hv to read between the lines,redbean.

They would not tell you the exact value of investmnent,but TMS has a financial report we can get the info.

Dr Tpny Tan just happened to declare the value of GIC portfolio value at Davos,as GIC does not publish the report.

AS for loss,It was the WP MP Ms lim who asked Tharmain,Ministerc Tharman did not tell the loss,but said better than MSCI World Equities which fell 42 percent last year while the MSCI Singapore fell by over 50 percent in which TMS has major investment.

PAP would not give wrong figures,but they also would not give the whole picture,so they obviously very sure that at least 66,.67% of their voters would not know heads fr tails.That is the secret of PAP government.

redbean said...

logical explanation.