Obama under threats

The American corporations and thieves are holding Obama at ransom. If he does not give them the billions they are asking, they will bankrupt all the big corporations. What they did not tell him is that if the CEOs are not going to be paid well, they will turn to corruption. But one thing for sure, they are threatening to jump ship and join other companies. Maybe they will come to Singapore. We are probably the only country left in this world that has the money to pay them and is happy to have them. Our headhunters are very busy these days reading their resumes.


Anonymous said...

Accept the talented rejects and be taken. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ransom? At least when he paid the ransom the thieves will let him go.

It is more like blackmail my friend. In blackmail they continue to come back for more and more money and Obama will have to continue to pay.

Freddie and Fannie, AIG, GM, Ford etc are going to ask for further bailouts when the earlier bailout funds are used up.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

All bullshit lah. Smoke and mirrors. Politically it is important to "win the people over" because Hussein as just fucked everyone by going into excruciating debt to fund his 'stimulus and rescue' packages.

An estimated 75% of Americans don't want the money spent — which is mostly on boondoggles, pork-barreling, vote buying, and crony capitalism. For e.g. 17,000 more troops (at present already 35,000 US troops) to Afghanistan — a humiliating and bloodily gruesome defeat waiting to happen.

WOW! All the defense contractors can start ordering new homes, cars, jets and upgrade the trophy wives. Boom time Charlie!

BAM BAM Oh-Bomber is not a total fool although he is inexperienced, and a glass-tower academic (i.e. not a scintilla of street wisdom). Lucky for him he is well-spoken, polite and good looking.

The People warm to him. In this way the people can be more readily manipulated for political gain.

One must not forget GW Bush: he set up the show, and did a damn fine job in wrecking the economy, throwing the country into 2 separate wars fought simultaneously, turned a blind-eye to Wall Street, violated civil liberties clearly stated in the constitution...and managed to wrangle 2 TERMS (8 years) even though most people would rather forget him.

GW was BOOED out of office on his last day.

The man made history.

redbean said...

the rest of the world should thank bush and his gang for a more humble and less aggressive america.

but no thanks for bankrupting america and drag the rest of the world along.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Bush started bankrupting the world. He had Greenspan and Bernanke to help him. B.O. Husseien has got Bernanke and Geitner — the tax dodging treasurer who used to run the NY Federal Reserve.

Anyway, people are beginning to wise up to Husseien: