Myth 205

'Singaporeans like to have the Govt as the nanny.' Ong Keng Yong I will just say this is bull. Singaporeans disliked being nannied. The nannying was shafted down the throats of Singaporeans with all kinds of compulsion, for the good of the Singaporeans. That was the govt's excuse all the time. And then blame it on the people for being nannied.


Anonymous said...

when a person said something incorrect due either to a slip of his mind or, he wasnt thinking,it was an honest mistake. dont forget talented ppl do make mistakes too.

redbean said...

can i disagree? talented people don't make mistakes. it is unforseeable or external factors that disable their decisions.

make sense?

redbean said...

all of you reading this post, please say no if you do not want to be nannied. i just want to count the numbers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint You.

If the nanny loves me, takes care of me, makes my bed and stays until I sleep. I want a nanny!!

But, of course, if the nanny eats all the good foods, spend my money like nobodys' business and goes holidays with my money, it will be a different story.

Redbean, You cannot be confused with my candid and clear post, right?


Anonymous said...

if my nanny continues to care for me, i'll continue to love my nanny. but if my nanny becomes indifferent, cant heck care for me anymore, then i cannot help but stop to like my nanny lo. you dont care me i dont care you what.