More leeways may not be good

Khaw Boon Wan is allowing more money to be used from the Medisave to pay for the high medical and surgical fees. Is this a good thing? Like the use of CPF for a running away price of HDB flats, this is will only lead to the depletion of the people's savings. At the end of the day, everyone's saving in the CPF will be minimal. When are the authorities going to look at the problem truthfully and cut down on the cost that is eating away at the people's savings? More leeways is like more wayangs. Disagree? For goodness sake, deal with the problems of cost and market pricing. Don't distract the issue by talking about the fat ladies and the irrelevants.


Anonymous said...

KBW got read this blog meh? I doubt one of his ministerial KPIs is "Ensure that Singaporeans have adequate savings for their retirement". So, why should he care? Does any minister even have it as his KPI?

Anonymous said...


if we swallow his(Khaw Boon Wan) bait and hook, we will end up in the frying pans.

A religious man is not neccessarily a man with conscience.


what if he does not understand the Philosophy of his religion to be kind, compassionate and not egoistic and materialistic???


redbean said...

'ren zhai jiang hu shen bu you ji.'

he is just caught in a system that depends on generating more money to keep the wheel turning. high property prices, high professional fees, high price of everything, high pay, so must keep charging and make the people pay. otherwise the wheel will caome to a halt.

don't blame him. he is as kind as he can be.

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat. Does this mean they will be raising the maximum amount in Medisave? The more you use, the more you have to put in, and the more the hospitals will charge. It's a never ending cycle. Just like health insurance.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

yes, you are thinking, lost citizen.

bbqchickenwings said...

The inflation rate for healthcare services is spiraling. Khaw cant do much about it.

Next time we will have to fly to Vietnam for cheaper medical treatment. Go on a short vacation too. One bird kill two stones.

Anonymous said...

Kind and compassionate? Who decides what that even means? Redbean is right. From Khaw's pov, he is kind and compassionate, but to himself and his fellow elites. The people? Bah, humbug. They'll continue to vote us in every five years because really, the alternative is just unthinkable. How did Singapore end up in this sorry state of affairs in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Just got a dig from a younger friend who said that I must be getting old.

Shit to him, I am just a year older than the PM and much younger than the SM, MM and Prez.

Okay, down to what my friend said.

He said that if we are Singapore fishes, there is no need to be hooked. We will all be in the trawler net, all will be hauled.

Yah, silly me and pity all.


redbean said...

damn sian man. the cause of high cost of everything seems so clear but so elusive to the parliamentarians. they kept hitting all around the target except the target.

Anonymous said...

More monies means they raise charges each time you go there and that reduces your savings.. It bodes well now that we lost so much monies ... someone got to pick up the tab for few who had enjoyed spending spree @ public expense. It is a way of creative accounting to cover tracks of losses. For years it was spoken that CPF monies is sacred cow - now it is a desperate cow.

Anonymous said...

I read this headline this morning with a skeptical smirk..

I thought that most private hospital are here to serve foreign-tourist-patients. And with this economic downturn resulting in reduction in their arrivals, they need another way to wheel their gears.

redbean said...

i can agree to our hospitals, private and govt/private hospitals, marketing to the foreigners and earn big bucks.

just make sure two things. don't neglect the citizens and use the protfits to reduce the cost for the citizens.

i must admit that our hospitals are world class and can command world class fees. but locals don't have world class income to pay world class fees.

they need to do their sums and market to the world at prices that are affordable or cheaper if the world class foreigners get their treatments here. it is all about being competive and value for money.

don't do that to the locals. please, don't be mean to the poor citizens.

Anonymous said...

"Don't be mean to the poor citizens", unquote.


they have to apply mean testing on sick citizens seeking medical treatments.