Making sweeping statements

This appear to be the norm in Parliament. Low Thia Khiang was whacked for running down the JCS outright. Of course there are goods and bads of the JCS. It is not meant to be a cure all solution. Then there were sweeping remarks that the netizens were immature as if MPs were mature in making such unqualified remarks. There were unkind and cruel remarks of Seng Han Thongs burning. There were many sites that gone to town burning the news. There were sites that did not do that. At least I know redbeanforum.com and mysingaporenews.blogspot did not. Don't make sweeping statements to tar and feather everyone. That is immature even when spoken in Parliament. So, does Lui Tuck Yew really think that netizens should regulate themselves or a body of netizens to regulate other bloggers? What a missed opportunity that we don't have ABS in action. To tackle the abusive bloggers is a full time job. Who would want to do it for free! Everyone is asking to be paid for doing national service. Let's be realistic. A reasonable voice may say a little to moderate the outcry. But would he/she take it on himself/herself to police the net without being paid? Come on, you must know how big cyberspace is and how much work needs to be done to trawl the sites. Ok, so what's next? More regulations and setting up cyberspace police squad? Or sending in the insurgents to attack abusive bloggers, fighting fire with fire? This will only define the war zone and set up a never ending feud between the nasties and the govt. Another option is to pay for the services of PR agencies to do the PR jobs. But that would be costly and may also backfired as anyone seen to be speaking for the establishment for the sake of it will be attacked or ignored. It is not an easy task to moderate the feelings of bloggers. And don't take the outburst so negatively. It is the purest and most brutal truth, a genuine feedback from the ground. Silencing them will only throw up the sweet and pleasant tooth. Is that what the govt wants to hear? To have the raw feelings out is better than just hearing the good stuff. Maybe paying some established bloggers to be the voice of reason to cool down temperatue could be a possibility. But it is a tricky task. Mishandling it would discredit the bloggers and fan the fire. You need good seasoned bloggers to handle this in the most acceptable way without offending the already angry mob. And it takes a lot of effort and devotion. Doing it for free? Fat hope. It is still a task or a role that has to be filled. And only respectable bloggers can do the job, carefully without ruffling feathers or rubbing the bloggers the wrong way. The heat can be lowered and cooled with the right effort. It is all about maturity! And not making sweeping statements to run down all and none.


Anonymous said...

I think the unhidden message is that there should be a body to regulate bloggers. The hidden message is that such a body should be controlled by you know who.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

somehow i seem to hear this message. 'we gave you a chance and you messed it up. just too bad. you can't be trusted to be on your own. you are too immature.'

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe paying some established bloggers to be the voice of reason to cool down temperatue could be a possibility.

Where do I apply for the job? I cool those motherfuckers down with my cuntish language. I'm Matilah Singapura bitches!

> It is all about maturity! <

Blow it out your ass!

redbean said...

maturity, whatever that means in the vocab of a 40 or 50 yr old kid, is the key man. it is a vague concept and subjective too.

in your case, you are disqualified, too mature. but you got exceptional skills for insurgent fighting.

they can smell you from a distance and will run and hide.

Jetreroy said...

In chinese, we believe in "清者自清", meaning if you keep doing good, any lies about you will come to light eventually.

To our dear ministers: Just do your job well and there won't be so much controversy and bad mouthing. Would there be so much outcry for some minor matter if you guys had been doing your job well since the last elections?

redbean said...

i think they are doing their best. only at times got their priorities wrong. sometimes they don't even know they are doing things that the people don't agree with.