Low Thia Khiang taken to task

It was reported in the ST that Low Thia Khiang had doubts on the effectiveness of the Jobs Credit Scheme in saving jobs. "He was promptly taken to task by six PAP MPs,...including labour chief Lim Swee Say.' Surprisingly several PAP MPs also questioned the same thing as Low Thia Khiang. But they were not taken to task. One thing which everyone is careful not to touch is the CPF. It seems that touching the CPF is taboo or will cause undue hardship to the hardlanders. And I too strongly disagree with Ngiam Tong Dow's suggestion that the CPF should be cut. I think he is too far away from the masses. Why can't we cut the CPF? Please ask the HDB or Mah Bow Tan.


Anonymous said...

50's, 60's,70's come, come, come.

Come join my Phantom company.
You get your WS money i get my JC money.

You shake your leg in Cshop having FOC Kopi.

I rub my tummy in jp having foc sushi.

pity, pity those stay at home mummies crying where my kopi sai.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that most of the PAP MPs are now good at only one thing:to WAYANG to their grand master.

Anonymous said...

To save this country, the Government has to save the people.

If it fails to save the people, they(parliamentarians/politicians) must save themselves.



Anonymous said...

Job Credit?

What a load of sh*t. Some employers are laughing all the way to the bank and the masses of lesser mortals are no nearer the promised land. You MAY keep your job but the boss rakes in the hangout.

My neighbourhood supermart boss is thinking of buying a bigger mercedes.Just look at his fat and rotund prosperity face. One lucky guy with record low COE prices and now along comes the Job Credit scheme. Talk about manna from

Dr. Cordon Tan

Anonymous said...

Ai yah, nowaday where got logic my friend lion dancing troup go to NTUC food court also no business. The lion dance and dance but no ang pow, tong tong chien for a long times. the answer is bosses not around you come next week lah we are all workers only lah. Boss said want to get money join them lah. and share the job credit lah.

redbean said...

the problem is not a problem but a series of problems. jobs credit can only solve some but not all the problems. it is as good as those areas it can solve but there are other areas that it cannot cover.

Anonymous said...

The US Govt tried to save the car manufacturers. Now the auto part suppliers are asking for help from the US Govt too. Assumming they help the car manufacturers and auto suppliers, there is still the problem of who is going to buy the vehicles. They can't solve a part of the problem when everything is so inter-related.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

you are right lost citizen,

it is like those dominoe spread. press one and it keeps falling and falling.