A little remembrance and a little gratitude

That's life. People choose and create their own heroes. Kin Lian had done all the work that no one wanted to do. Everyone practically scattered and hid. Now we have two heroes proclaimed. And at the point of proclamation, they had yet to lift their little fingers while Kin Lian was sweating all over, and paying for all the cost himself, at his own time and expenses. He done it for free, at no one's prompting and order. Would the people remember him? Or would the media remember him? I think the new media would.


Anonymous said...

An ehco

little people who break their backs for a cause is always thankless and unappreciated... we are a ungreatful and conceited lot.

redbean said...

may not be so. what is needed for the little people is a voice. they can't get that voice in the old media. but they can get the voice in the new media.

let's sing the song of heroes in cyberspace for tan kin lian less he gets forgotten.