Licensing of bicycles

I read that this important issue was raised in Parliament. And there is a case for licensing bicycles and the problem is only about how ugly and big the licence plate will be. I am not sure if the issue of moderation or self regulation in cyberspace was also raised after the comments by Lui Tuck Yew. The last few days were all about whether a snap election will be called. Seriously, do we have time for all these? Shouldn't people be cracking their golden brains, planning and scheming on how to get back the billions that we have lost? Come on, this is the hottest issue not only in cyberspace but kopitiams as well. The comments in kopitiams were no less wild, pointed and vulgar than those in cyberspace. Now I am allowing my imagination to go a little while after a breakfast of plain porridge and black soya source. I tried that to relive the memories of the 50s and 60s when this was the staple food for many. And they didn't have that for breakfast, but as their main meals, lunch and dinner. It tasted quite plain actually. Should I go for Ah Koon's breakfast set? I digressed. More signboards are coming up in kopitiams and hawker stalls. Self regulations when commenting on social and political issues. No vulgarities. Not tantrums. 'KNN, why got so many signs ah! Kong si mi?' I turn around to see a few Ah Peks pointing at the signs using their middle fingers. On another corner a few Ah Peks were in serious discussion to form a committee and to set up rules and regulations on what are acceptable or unacceptable comments and lingos. A code of conduct is also being drafted up. One even suggested wearing T shirts with logos to tell the other Ah Peks who they are, Kopitiam Moderators.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your "poor" man's breakfast. Me? I had an American breakfast in the Ritz Carlton millenia on a Sunday morning with my mahjong kakis and we were rollicking with laughter after reading your blurb of a blog. Better live it up while there is still time and the S$ is still worth something before going the way of Zimbawe. Good work redbean. I like your unbridled"journalism". Unrestrained and really reflect what you felt. Not like the strait jacketed asses who writes to TOM forums. Fcuking waste of time if you ask me.

Later in the night, I will join my Ah Pek kakis in Geylang for beer. Besides ogling at the whores courtesy of short ass's ineptitude, we will also discuss about the zillions lost and whether we will get back our CPF monies to continue to support our paradise birds in Mao's country.

Here in Geylang coffee shops, the Ah Peks are like bloggers in the New Media. We say what we like after downing a few bottles of beer. No fear about someone coming here to put up signboards. They lost control of this piece of shit long ago.

Yeah right. Imagine paying $15,000 monthly out of taxpayers to have someone bring up the issue that bicycles should be licensed. LOL.

An Ah Pek ready to go to Johore Bahru.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hah! More tax. What's next? ERP for bicycles? Licensing of pedestrians? The "5-foot way Tax"?

There is licensing of TV and radios in S'pore. Imagine that. This is a throw-back to ye-olde British socialism where the BBC is funded by a TV-Radio tax.

To ensure economic stability, prosperity and wealth creation and maintenance by the average citizen the govt should tax LESS, not MORE.

The fact that they are taxing MORE means these folks are no longer interested in governing to protect the lives and livelihoods of the citizens but instead want to BLEED the citizens so that the govt can get richer and more powerful.

Every one whether urged or not, will be cutting back and lowering their expectations during tough economic times. In other words, people have already accepted that they'll be getting LESS in these times, and in time it will recover.

However it seems that the govt seizes the opportunity to extract MORE from the citizens who are now receiving LESS.

No wonder people like myself consider the government to be one big legalised criminal gang which does not create any value, destroys liberty and freedom and other people's rice-bowls.

redbean said...

wow, american breakfast at ritz carlton. next time don't leave me out ok. are they still having the sunday brunch with free flow of champagne?

instead of eating swiss breakfast, many are going back to the post war days of plain porridge. now cannot afford to add sweet potatoes anymore. rich man's delicacy and not cheap now.

what else better to do than to loosen up a little on a sunday morning?

better self regulate before kina regulated.

Anonymous said...

*kena, you mean

kina = adultery

Anonymous said...

Licensing of bicycles 'chor si mi'?

Must pay or not? Siao siao also need license for wheelchairs, baby prams, trolleys and skateboards.

redbean said...

oops, i meant kena. and my god, i didn't know kina means that. thanks. i learn a new word.

licensing sure must pay. now with a clumsy big number plate for recognition and reporting of misdeeds, there must be nicer and neater ways of hanging a plate without being unsightly. i think a microchip will be the answer. plant it on the cyclist's forehead and readable by the click of a handphone button.

only $120 per insertion and plus another $200 deposit, plus plus... can do?

we have the technology. the satellite can also be used for tracking the cyclists.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Will there be ERP gantries for bicycle tracks?

redbean said...

erp at the market? : )

you like my new blog on Singapore Orchids? I am developing this slowly, and will try to put a name to each hybrid. not an easy task. a little subtle difference is all it takes to have another hybrid and another name.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Redbean,

Certainly, I like the orchids you displayed. I know the effort to put names to them is tasking, myself and I believed that all other readers would appreciate it.

Gorgeous orchid pictures with respective names to it would definitely enriches your blog pages.


redbean said...

anyone who knows the names of the orchids, please help by posting as comments and i will update them.

Jaunty Jabber said...


The Phalaelopsis is my fav!! The round cute petal looks friendly.


Matilah_Singapura said...

State of New York's iPod Tax

We are the government. We can do anything.