The inhuman factor of JB nursing homes

The netizens are getting violent over Boon Wan's suggestion that the old people be put up in nursing homes in JB. His idea makes perfect sense from the business point of view. Provide a service or product at a competitive price and sell. But he forgot the human or inhuman factor in his suggestion. The response from the caring and feeling netizens, unlike the uncaring elite, was furious. How dare he suggests putting the oldies in JB? For every oldie is either a father/mother or grandpa/grandma to somebody. It strikes hard at the emotional cord attaching to the heart, for those with a heart. They could not accept the idea of abandoning their no longer useful to society oldies in a foreign land. Somehow for the sake of being utilitarian, for being moneywise, prudent, we forgot that family, filial piety, love and care and the emotional attachments to parents and family members cannot be measured in monetary terms. Only animals could do that sort of things, calculating whether it is worth the while and how much can be saved. It is the duty of the family, the children, to look after their parents. It is the duty of the govt to provide the facilities at affordable cost, even at subsidised cost, to promote family values and human values of kindness, compassion, caring and loving for their love ones. In our selfish way, we even ignore the feelings of our neighbours. How would they feel when we want to resite our Sago Lane in the midst of their country? If we think our oldies are not good enough to stay with us, why is it good enough to stay with them? Are we becoming inhuman all because of money? Where is the milk of humanity?


Anonymous said...

As you pointed out, it is just a suggestion. The govt has not made it mandatory to send your old folks to JB. So, I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Or look at it this way. Even if there is a private sector or government initiative to provide this option, that initiative will die a natural death if no one takes it up. Short of legislating it, there is just no way for the govt to compel people to comply. I don't see Singaporeans getting all worked up about the death penalty for drug traffickers. Why? Simply because if you're not one, why the hell would you worry?

Jaunty Jabber said...

When the male are young and strong, they have to serve the National Service, to be trained to defend the country.

When these people gets old and become sickly, sorry, you have the option to move your sickly old butt to a more affordable country.....

Our country, our soil, as a national service man, who do you defend? Your country of birth or your country of retirement?

A suggest to read this post:



redbean said...

we are differentiate between a private individua's view, a businessman's view and the govt.

the govt is elected by the people to look after the people and country. they collect taxes from the people and is paid by the people's money.

a govt got to take many issues into consideration and not be a single factor or money only factor decision maker.

if any of you have read what were posted in other blogs, you will realise that this is an emotional issue, a matter of the heart.

let the businessmen go and sell the idea. there are things that are best left unsaid esp in politics.

Anonymous said...

It is not mandatory, but if everyone just keeps quiet, they will think that everyone agrees and supports the suggestion. Most decision comes out of a suggestion, otherwise what is the point of mentioning it.

It is never too early to disagree and put the matter to rest if, as they say, it is still just an unpopular suggestion. A good example was the suggestion to raise the withdrawal age for CPF progressively. If not for the hue and cry of so many people, that suggestion would have been implemented and resulted in the withdrawal age being raised to, maybe 62 years now.

Singaporeans generally do not get worked up unless it concerns them, and I think growing old is going to concern every single one of us, like it or not. Should we worry?

Lost Citizen

Jaunty Jabber said...

We was told that our country is run in an enterprising way. In that sense, it is right to get rid of old inventory, ensure that all resources generate a profit, purging of old and defective stock periodically?

redbean said...

haha jaunty,

as privated individuals, it is alright for us to express all kinds of views. but as a govt, their views often become policies. this could be a red herring to test the reaction of the people.

seriously, if any private business finds this as profitable, they should go ahead and build the homes.

for the govt, i think it will be wiser to build in home ground, with heavy subsidies to show that we are family, no one is left behind and sent away, that the govt will take care of its people, young and old, strong and feeble, including those who outlived their use by dates.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Oh there is so much twists in it. First, twist a direct question by stating a shocking statement to test the public respond. Next, twist the situation to project from bad to good, after making it bad, twist it back to good, then the people can see that "oh we are taken care of after all"...isn't it?

Suggest to throw you out, then take you back, so you will know how to appreciate, is it?

redbean said...

hi jaunty, i don't think boonwan is such a wicked guy. he is looking at options available. and i think if he can get the cabinet to approve it, he will convert some fo the old hdb flats for the private sectors to run as nursing homes, at heavily subsidised rate. but one man, i doubt he can overrule the cabinet.

hey what about the other great minister who went on a study trip to japan to learn about how to manage the ageing population problems? why is boonwan doing the thinking and talking, and getting whacked?

Jaunty Jabber said...

I think I don't mind getting both ears full if my bank account is adequately credited every month.

I think I can bear with all the hammering and stamping all over my face, if one look at my pay-advice slip can sooth away all my aches. Without need to cross the border to get a cheaper spa.

Anonymous said...

I think that idea of converting old HDB flats to serve as old folks home for the private sector to run has already been done long time ago. I believe this option has not been explored further.

The Asian Women's Welfare Association runs such a home at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Ave 3/6. There are also others, but of course these are charities, and the charges could be very much cheaper than if run by private enterprises. You can be sure of that.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

tell you lah, my friend lived in Bedok and his parents live in Woodlands. When his two kids were small before Primary One. He could visit his parents ever weekend because the Kids Schools schedules were light and can spent the time visiting. When both kids are in Primary School because of the school schedule like homeworks, exam, cca time are very limited. the visit is reduced to once a month. If parents moved to JB maybe visit become once a year. i can't blame my friend. that is because most of his times were stolen by works and studies. Very vERY wu nai.

Anonymous said...

If old forks dont go jb then old angmohs and foreners will find no place to stay mah. Then he cannot make good money for Singapore liao. But to suggest useless old people go stay in jb is too much lah. He should make his citizen happy like suggest Singapore buy over jb and old useless people can go and stay. Like that its feel like at home also. Aiya, I think he joking only lah.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, just ask MM and Nathan to go and stay in old folks home in JB also lor, then Singaporeans also think they set good examples and problem solved. They must set good example first. Cannot say low class old poor foggies should be shipped out, but high class rich foggies only can stay.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just make you furious when our Singaporean oldies, who contributed and make this place what it is today. have to be "exported" to some sanatorium in some foreign country while the foreign trash keeps coming. For the record, I don't buy the propaganda that the trash is necessary to ensure a job for Singaporeans. I would not be so peeved if indeed, we attract real talents to our shores. But as it is, what we have here are really the trash that's left at the bottom of the barrel. Trust me.

The human thing to do, indeed the right thing to do is to build retirement communities for them, heavily subsidized so that their twilight years are spent meaningfully and when it's time to go, they would have pleasant memories of their benefactors instead of cussing them till the crematorium doors are shut.

Of course, as pointed out, sending the oldies to a more cost effective place is just a "suggestion". But in this "paradise" suggestions have an unpleasant way of turning into reality, whether you like it or not.

There is a chinese saying for this:

After the ritual is over, out with the monk!

redbean said...

are we becoming too materialistic?

Jetreroy said...

I have just one question for our MPs:

What will you defend?

redbean said...

if our society cannot respect and empthatise with the oldies, if we cannot care for them, then we have indeed slippd into the realms of the animal kingdom.

when are we going to start a campaign to show respect, love and care for the oldies? Oops, got to use a more kinder word, the senior citizens.

yes, we must take care of our oldies and let them live in a pleasant environment in the last phase of their lives and go in peace and with contentment.

can we do it? are we up to it? do we have the money and resources? or we still think it is a good idea to put them somewhere out there?

Jaunty Jabber said...

Maybe this can answer to Jetreroy, defend what? Mistakes! What else? Well practiced and demonstrated is to defend the mistakes made.

redbean said...

did anyone say it was mistake?