Fallen Grace

The righteous and trusted have fallen. Once they were the number One Family in Taiwan. They were pointing their fingers at other people for being corrupt. Today, Chen Shui Bian, the Taiwanese President, is in jail. His wife, the former First Lady has just pleaded guilty to forgery. His son and daughter in law are also accomplice to the crime of money laundering in the millions. Trust and righteousness may only be hiding behind a thin veil of truth.


Anonymous said...

After serving their terms,

they will be living live of

plenties again though with


But, who cares about bad

reputation which is worthless.


WAng said...

Well noted.
Remembered that CSB may be a Alcibiades and not Pericles oer some diehards


redbean said...

hi Wang, welcome to the blog.

i am not familiar with Alcibiades's story but he definitely had done much more worthy things than ah bian. ah bian is a shallow clown. it is very easy for him and the taiwanese to call for independence. he forgot to see the bigger picture of world politics.

an independent taiwan will be a thorn on the side of china and will be manipulate by america and japan to undermine china.

china and the chinese have been brutalised and crippled/shamed by western powers for too long. the last thing that china and the chinese need is to fight among themselves again. for this reason alone, taiwan should forget about its independence dream.

historically it is part of china and will be. it was taken away from china twice, by the dutch and then the japs. and the taiwanese had proven to be good colonised people. they didn't mind being ruled by foreigners. if they get their independence, they will end up as a colony of the US or Japan again.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the millions of his loyal, pan blue supporters are disappointed that their leader is not an honest person after all.