Cyberspace the next battle ground

From what Hsien Loong had said, cyberspace will be the new battle ground for the next general election. The PAP has been preparing for it and the younger members are being encouraged to play a more active role to lead the charge. He has forgotten that Lim Swee Say will be a more popular blogger if he has his own blog. He has a lot of interesting and captivating stories to attract hoards of bloggers. The new media or cyberspace can no longer be ignored as the backwater that was hardly treaded. Over the last few years it has gained tremendous ground and eating into the readership of the old media. People are looking for alternative views instead of the stead and predictable comments of TOM. And with the flowery and unrestrained lingo used, it is an act that is hard to beat. We will see a battle for readership between the new and old media, one that is more critical and cynical against one that is pro govt and singing praises. Or as Hsien Loong said, the traditional or old media will 'present trusted, unbiased and informed opinions' though a bit tame. On the other corner (I said) will be the untrusted, biased and less informed opinions of the new media, but sexy and attractive. And don't forget the power of podcast and pictures. The presentation of the most beautiful angle or the ugliest angle can make or break a candidate. Imagine one getting caught on video or photos in the most compromising position, I mean like digging the nose. Pictures can tell a very distorted story. An ugly or hostile face will be a put off immediately. Now this is not going to be the protected turf of TOM any more. Both can print whatever they like, selectively, and definitely biased. Oops, TOM's pictures will be unbiased. Only the pictures of new media will be biased. Interesting scenarios coming up. I doubt TOM will be anything given its slow printing schedule.


Matilah_Singapura said...

"Battleground"? WTF? People going to war izzit?

Motherfucking Idiots!

redbean said...

matilah, you mabok again huh? get sober with some horse urine then you will be able to understand what i meant.

how many times must i warn you not to touch toddy? go for horse urine. it will do you good.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why are you so touchy? Are you on your period?