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$300k for a place in SAS

An individual needs to donate $200k to the Singapore American School to book a place for a child. A corporation will need to cough out $300k for the same place. This is above the $10k to $20k school fees. The demand for a place in the SAS is so high that this is the market price for the time being. As a commercial enterprise, this is a happy thing. The amount to donate can keep going up as long as people are willing to pay for it. The question is who ultimately pays for it? Shall such a market driven logic be applied to state services like housing, medical, education and the rest of the essential services provided by the govt, including monopolistic services like public transport? One thing for sure when this kind of mindset is deemed acceptable, a lot of profit. Who pays?


Anonymous said...

no one says its affordable!!

its just that no one knows!
there are still so many people who are grateful to pap, thinking the govt is losing a lot of money on hdb for them.

even some stupid MPs think not building bbq pits will lower costs.

the problem is not the ammenities, its the "market subsiDIE" pricing policy.

Anonymous said...

Such news is meant to stimulate the feeling of goodness in a time like this. Just like the condo dvelopment in Jurong which sold only a quarter of the total units and the MSM trumpeted 'snapped up'. Gee, even if only one unit had been sold they would have declared 'snapped up' as though the whole project had been sold instantly. WTF!

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

i hope no one is going to claim that our school fees are too cheap and time for a hike.

Anonymous said...


hope your forecast at 5:51pm

will not come true though the possibility is very high.

I wish You can be wrong for once.


Anonymous said...

take 100 students at this price, one raise $30 million - if this demand continue like this - easy money to built new schools and create more places and raise more fees.

Will this demand be a prelude to foreigner invading our schools system when local schools starts accepting monies to get places in local schools.. Where does it put SIN kids?

Geylang is becoming more like China.. Woodland is becoming more like America.. Soon they may own a substantiate part of us. Where do SIN school stands 15 yrs from here?

Think we should make study & release more land for international schools so they dont invade our local system.

redbean said...

let's turn school into a profit making organisation. make them answerable to their bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Oey redbean;

that's very sinful to suggest.


redbean said...

i know. i will not implement it. anyway i can't. no need to make this kind of money.