The 2 cent debate

Singaporeans were all high and excited debating about the 2c savings that the PTC had granted them during this financial crisis. There were excitements everywhere, in the old media as well as cyberspace. The professionals went to town literally, interviewing the grateful commuters for the savings that would have brought them some relief and easier on their pockets. The PTC must have spent many hours debating among themselves on this big decision before agreeing to the reduction. I remember the MYCD took a year to study before increasing the public assistance grant from $360 to $390. And the President took 11 days to approve a $4.9b withdrawal from the national reserves. I wonder if the PTC needed to agonise over this 2c reduction? But all these cannot beat the 2c debate and the expectations of compliments from the grateful commuters. Would the media would be conducting straw polls and interviews on the street on issues like the $58b loss from our investment of public fund, with more losses waiting to be announced? I don't remember any such exuberance when the news broke out. It is kind of a sad that people should all be excited over 2c. What kind of existence is that, worrying about 2c everyday? They will probably hit a state of delirium when their salary is raised by another million dollars. Just sharing my 2 cent's worth.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Since most can agree that 2¢ qualifies as 'peanuts', everyone should throw their 2¢ to feed the monkeys.

At least monkey behaviour can be entertaining. They like to play with their own shit — throw it around, for instance. They also like to masturbate shamelessly.

Throw the fucking peanuts at these beasts! Make them perform for your enjoyment!