11 days to unlock the reserves!

Nathan said it took him 11 days to say yes to dipping into the national reserves. Or was it 1 day since the official proposal was submitted to him and he approved it on the next day? Or would it be better if he sat on it for a month before deciding on it, perhaps taking some time for deep prayers and seeking divine guidance? Is the number of days an issue? I think not. When an issue like this comes up, it must be seen from the merits of such a request and all the circumstances that are pushing for it. What should be adequate is for able men in the Presidential Council to deliberate and make their recommendations to the President based on their independent judgement of the case. One may want to ask whether this is possible but that is very subjective. Anyway, what is $4.9b when we have a few hundred billions in the reserves? The more important question is how much of our reserves have been lost. Can the President or Parliament enlighten the people on this? When the unofficial numbers are so staggering, it is necessary to clear the air and set the record straight and move on from there. No amount of shadow play can avoid or delay the disclosure. It must be out. It must be told even if the chin will drop to the floor.


Anonymous said...

Methinks if good ole TC was still around, he would have asked tons of information, chew on it and gave his key within a month at the earliest. Anyway, what's the hurry? But a hellavu difference 19 days would make to an informed decision. He would probably ask WTF is this JCS? Who is it going to benefit most? What about some tweaks here and there?

Cordon Immortal Tan

Anonymous said...

Well, he has to make all the difficult decisions. His job is not easy you know, counting all the billions. Takes a long time. Very tiring. That's why he is paid more than $3 million. Give the man a break!

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

PAP is not stupid. Who knows that by revealing the true extent of the losses might probably end up costing them government at the elections. So, better hush hush and let the people speculate. Helps that they have the Elected President in their pocket as well, well this current one at least. I agree that OTC would probably make them pee in their parents if he is still our President.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My guess is that a huge chunk of that money (or all of it) is either lost, or missing.

Corporations are required by law to open their books in times of crisis.

Do I think govts need to do the same? No.

No govt is required to be accountable to the people. Disagree? Then prove that accountability really occurs — show some examples.

I couldn't care less if the money is there or not. To me it is 'sunk' money — gone from the control of private individuals — forever.

In case I forget, my broken-record reminder to the forgetful masses:

The People Get The Government They Deserve!

Without exception.