World Bloggers Association

I have just founded the World Bloggers Association(WBA). I have proclaimed myself as the Emperor of this Association. All bloggers of the world shall now be my members and they must pay homage to me daily. They are also to pay a blogging fee for the right to blog in the free world of bloggers. The first two bloggers paying homage to me shall be appointed as the King of Eastern Blogosphere and King of Western Blogosphere. Those following behind will be appointed as Kings in their respective regions. And for those who are late in joining, they have my permission to appoint themselves as Kings of whatever their fancies. Redbean, Emperor, World Bloggers Association (WBA) Laughing


YongWei said...

i'll join for a dollar! now i'm king!

redbean said...

hi yongwei, welcome to the blog.

ok, you are now bestowed the title King of Eastern Blogosphere, WBA. you can now sign off as YongWei, King of Eastern Blogsphere, WBA. : )

Anonymous said...

With so many gods, deities and now kings, Singaporeans will become hunchbacks paying homage to all these immortals. Life for lesser beings is getting tougher by the day!

Lost Citizen

Jawker said...

i wanna become the king for the western blogosphere.

here's 50 cents

WestCoastlife said...

Oi! Don't make pun of us can?

Anonymous said...

Beginning to take the shape of the Singapore govt.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk so much cock lah! If you register show your association number first lor. Want to make fun also don't know. Dumb.

redbean said...

ok jawker, you have been bestowed as the King of Western Blogosphere. and welcome to the blog.

in times like this, we need big titles to comfort our lesser mortal status. and kings are also lesser mortals.

hi westcoastlife, welcome to the blog too. and don't take things too seriously huh!

and welcome to you too, dumb. : )

redbean, Emperor, WBA.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck the emperor!

I hereby appoint myself official assassin :)

redbean said...

blogger matilah, you have just committed a crime against le majeste. you shall be banished to the faraway south and be given the title King,
Southern Blogosphere. You shall be kept there for 500 years.

Edict of the Emperor, WBA.

Anonymous said...

The dumb bitch who is the President of some blogging association wants members to moderate their language and refrain from using coarse language. She wants all Singapore bloggers to join. Ha! I am laughing my balls off! Are you joining Red Bean?

Fuck! this is the only type of language we know and the internet the only place we can post whatever we want to say. And she wants us to give up this last frontier of speech freedom?

Cordon "Great Immortal" Tan.

redbean said...

hi cordon the great immortal,

i have proclaimed myself as the emperor of WBA. everyone is a member and my member: )

i think i have also reached the state of self delusion. too much bonking around.

as an interest group there is no harm. but the title and name of the association give the implication that it is representing all singaporean bloggers. some bloggers may take issue with it.

better to be more ambitious and proclaim to own the world like me.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I want to join the PAP's blogger club.

I come with credentials and a pre-ordained appointment to be transferred to the management team of this exclusive PAP gang.

I am a certified motherfucker, experienced in dealing with cunts. I like to tekan govt ball-lickers, and dickheads. Religious assholes are next in my line of fire. I used to wack off to internet porn, but now find blogging more fun.

Occasionally I've been known to use profane language, but so far, no one has died.

Where do I sign?

redbean said...

king of southern blogosphere, your title will frighten them. anyway the crowd here may not have wander to that ethereal place and can't advise you on where to sign up.

come to think of it, there may be one or two here who may know.