Who formulated the Job Credit Scheme?

A big article was written today in the ST on the role and contribution of 5 talented young men and women in the Finance Ministry. They made submissions after submissions, simulations, computations to come out with this uniquely Singapore scheme to help employers during this economic recession. It was like a reduction in CPF contribution without a CPF cut. Their formulations went in and out of Tharman's office countless time before Tharman decided that that was it. In the process Tharman also gave his valuable inputs for the final product. It was an important piece of product that was key to the whole stimulus package. Now you see why the civil servants are very important as the main work horse of the govt. Without the civil servants, the govt is nothing or without the hands and legs, just a group of parliamentarians. The civil servants did all the major works and the politicians decide. In fact in many cases, the politicians decide first and the civil servants did the necessary. What kind of impact would it be if we change the civil servants and retain the politicians or if we change the politicians and retain the civil servants? Which is more dispensable? Ideally the two shall clap together.


Anonymous said...

You are saying the inevitable.

See it on a lighter side -- In SIN context, politician says spend.. civil servant put the papers in place..

Civil servant are suppose to question WHY - WHY SPEND? They should not just go prepare papers.

Conclusion - civil servant are too scare to take risk and keep their head low. Easier to say yes SIR and life carry on.

3 cheers to the team. Well done.

redbean said...

in a way the americans got their leadership formula right. they have the best talents and the best computers. all they need is a good visionary with a good heart as their leader. they don't need another smart alec at the top. but also not a bush.

a obama is more than enough to take america to greater height.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Obama can succeed. But the Republicans are already throwing spanners into the works to make sure that he fails. Taking America to greater heights is not going to be easy.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

> Hopefully Obama can succeed

The power of 'HOPE'.

Or 'wishful thinking', in this case.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Whoever the 'genius' (not!) is I'll bet he got his 'education' (balls!) at a place like the LSE. Btw, the LSE was started by The Fabian Socialists.

Here's the economic reality:

Jobs come form DEMAND. No demand, no jobs. Simple as that.

redbean said...

without hope, mankind will be hopeless.

can't imagine what the hopeless will do when they know that they are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

a obama is more than enough to take america to greater height.

O-B-A-M-A stands for A Black Appointed to Manage America - does that mean the white were not good after all?

redbean said...

the good thing about history and civilisation is that they go in cycles. the egyptians, turks, persians, greeks and romans had seen their glorious days. then came the europeans, first the portugeses, spaniards, french, dutch, germans, brits and then the americans.

the older civilisations like india and china were in decay long ago. today the cycle is returning. india is rising and so is china. who would expect these two, one colonised and one torn and tattered till the early 20th century to be what they are today?

who would expect slaves to put on suits and sit in congress in washington? who would expect obama to be president of the USA?

things are changing and we do not know what obama will achieve. One Black American Managing America.

Jaunty Jabber said...

My personal views on Job Credits:

1) it is like a pain-killer to reduce some pain from the strained muscles of the employers.

2) it is not a medicine to treat a cancerous cells at its terminal stage.

3) it can also be a vitamins/supplement for the healthy companies.


redbean said...

you are right jaunty. anyone looking for a simple solution to cure all the ills will be badly disappointed. there is no one solution. or maybe there is one, by putting a million bucks into everyone's pocket.

of course it will lead to other social problems. : )