When did all these bonkings started?

The bonkings of the shameless poor, those people who cannot afford to pay for train fares and cry father and mother every time there is an increase of 10c of anything, could be traced back to the naming of quitters. Quitters were the first to bonked by the elite until it became fashionable to bonk the losers. The bonking reached its orgasmic peak when a young school girl told a loser to get out of her uncaring elitist face. And there was no need for apologies for the girl was only telling the brutal truth. This was short of telling the losers point blank that they were shit and that it was kind not to say it to them too loudly. And the losers took it in their stride, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to strike back. This came with the golden tap and peanut affair. The losers went to town to tear away the facade of elitist infallibility. It was time to bonk the elite. Mas Selamat was another great episode for the bonkers to go berserk. Since then we have seen this bonking of elite taking on more steam and on every opportunity that begs to be bonked. The minibond fiasco and the financial crisis are equally dealt with. The bonking has taken quite a dramatic turn and the original bonkers are now the hunted. Would the bonking of the shameless poor continue or the other way round?


Anonymous said...

In effect,we have come a long circle and return to pre-colonial era.

The first generation of PAP leaders,I am not ashame to proclaim,took it upon themselves to build this tiny nation,and wished to make it a paradise in the troubled region,they nearly did it.

After they left,they left the captain who operated w/o the council of the old pals,who then worked with a group whose purpose in life seem only to please him,relatives included.I count more than a few.

So we are now back to Master and Slaves,any surpirce?no,that is how politics work,that is why those who can think assume that all politicians must be controlled,they are absolutely right,my humble opinion


Dog said...

I imagine the day when the world's highest pay pm meets with Obama to ask for trade concessions. And the response could be something like - seems like you are 6 times more valuable than I so how can I be of help to you?

Do I sound like fantasizing?

Anonymous said...

its dynasty driven,,,,typical chinaman mentality then until now. but under globalization a better word for colonization, the impact of economic meltdown and abuse of power plus greed of the capatalistic mindset,,,,the so called paradise is now becoming a living hell.
fortunate for the poor cas. we are used in living in hell !,,,so welcome to hell city,,,present and in future.

redbean said...

obama will fantasize, how about switching places : )

Anonymous said...


are you a product of this fantasy generation ?.
appears that all the suffering is just a joke to you.


redbean said...

hi poorman,

life is a joke anyway. don't take it too seriously about winners and losers. even when one kicks the bucket one is not sure if that is the end of everything.