What is a soldier?

This has never been an issue even when ours is a conscripted army. The soldiers are soldiers. They are the men and women who will die fighting for the country. They will take orders and just do it even if the orders are bad orders. Soldiers take orders and responsibilities seriously. They don't go AWOL. They may have official working hours, but soldiering is unlike any other job. A soldier is a soldier on call, on duty 24/7, without overtime pay. At anytime he is called, he puts on his uniform and is back to camp. And when one is on duty, you do not go off your watch until the next shift takes over officially and properly. The duty must be handed over and no one just leave his job comes 5pm. And if the next shift fails to show up, the soldier will carry on until he is relieved. Where got such nonsense as 8 to 5 you are on and then you are off? Or perhaps the doctrine has been changed over the years. Our soldiers are now working according to the official working hours. And we will tell the enemy to fight us from 8 to 5. Outside those hours they will have to wait as we will be off. Or because everything is measured in monetary terms, soldiering will be paid according to the hours worked. And the pay of the soldiers is computed based on 8 to 5. If the army wants them to work longer hours, the pay scale will have to be changed to acknowledge the longer hours needed. Soldiering is a whole life affair. Now I may be wrong, outdated and lose touch with what a soldier is in a modern army.


Anonymous said...

this is whats called penny wise pound foolish.

can u imagine how low morale every nsf, reservist is feeling now?

really stupid decision to skimp on the poor chaps medical bills.
whose's gonna protect their precious ft & ivory towers? oh right. got the gurkhas.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Your argument only applies to a fighting force of volunteers.

It doesn't apply to a fighting force made up of SLAVES (aka conscripts).

Let me re-state my position: any parent worth their salt will do whatever it takes to ensure that their sons NEVER DO National Service, and that their children enter the defense forces only on their own free will and choice.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this country. You think I'll protect it? Damn you and your sentiments because I'd rather kill my own countrymen than protect them.