We watch, as the house crumbles...

We are entering the golden era. We are entering a crisis, an exceptional crisis that needs exceptional budget and solutions. Is there a contradiction? Our economy is in a recession, immediately after the proclamation of golden era. We did not see it coming. We watch as the minibond crisis unfolded and the financial industry crippling with toxic products. We did not see it coming. We watch as the stock market collapsed. We did not see it coming. No, wrong. We did not know that it has collapsed. We still think that it is fine. We watch as medical cost shot through the roof, rental and property prices gone berserk. No we did not see anything wrong with them. It is good, healthy and normal in a free market. We watch as top civil servants and ministerial salaries gone to heaven. We cannot see anything wrong with it. It is good for the system. In fact the salaries should go up further. We watch as the cost of living, public transportation, etc ate into the little income of the lesser mortals. We did not think it matters. We think they are necessary to keep the system running. We believe it is all affordable. We watch as the job market is taken over by foreigners. We celebrate the diversities and the arrival of new talents. We did not see the consequences to our citizens. We want our citizens to embrace and invite the foreigners into their homes. We believe all these are good for the country. Where is the contradiction? No, there is no contradiction. The best example to prove this is in the ST today. It has two pictures of a 59 year old man and a 21 year old undergraduate commenting on the dipping into our reserves. Here are their comments. David Ching, 59, old businessman, 'These are really hard times. If you don't make use of the reserves now, I don't know when is a hard time...' Charlene Sng, 21, undergraduate. ' $4.9b is a lot of money. I don't quite feel the pinch of the recession yet so I don't agree now is the right time....We should at least wait till things get worse.' Both are right in their perceptions of things. They live in different worlds, different lifestyles and different roles. One has to support a whole family and pay all the bills. The other only studies and receives pocket money for her own expenses. You can imagine what the demigods or immortals will say. 'Now is the best time to spend and enjoy the good life. We can go on long long leave. Everything is fine.' And the best part of all these, while we are watching the house crumbling, nothing is being done to prevent it from hitting the ground. For they could not see the problem and thus no need to do anything. Everything will be fine when the economy of the world recovers. Just wait. The resilience budget will buy us some time. We have done everything right, and put in the best systems with the best people in place. We need to pray that gods and demigods are kind and will do the right things. Pray, pray harder. Ignore Gurmit if he says 'Don't pray, pray.' In god we trust.


Anonymous said...

'Everything will be fine when the economy of the world recovers'

The economy of the world will recover only when America recovers. But America today is not the same as America in previous recessions. Just hang on for the long ride downhill.

Anonymous said...

USA will recover but it would be a very difficult USA which is on the brink of bankruptcy currently.

Yesterday no more,I would say!


Anonymous said...


the pictures of our elevated are all around road junctions and prominent spots.

You and other admirers and believers can always offer your prayers to them. But, do not burn any joss stick or candle. If they catch fire, the devotee will be sent to psychiatrist.

In any case, people obsessed with money are not very balanced too, I think.

By the way, living deities and demi-gods are more materialistic than the divine ones. Believers got to offer more to appease the living demi-gods and deities, though as we know; living is a struggle now for many.

Lately, You have become atheistically pious to living pseudo-gods. It shows and reflects the desperations of living in this First World Country. I am no better, we are all victims, we know why, yet the only thing we can do is to offer prayers that never yield.

Life must goes on no matter what happens. A simple living can be as meaningful as a materialistic one, this I can assure You.

Pray by all means, but never offer too much, living pseudo and demi-gods are more greedy than imagined ones!

The ox lives a simple life and it is happy if it is not domesticated by mankind.

Let us live happy like the Free Ox by freeing ourselves from material cravings.

Happy Lunar New Year!


Matilah_Singapura said...


Sure there'll be a few 'crashes' and 'burns' in the economic system.

But as long as humans have wants and needs which require attention, the economy will recover.

Recession or no recession, life still goes on.

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Jaunty Jabber said...


This latest post of yours summarized the recent concerns with a feather, a good light reading.

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redbean said...

hi mberenis, welcome to the blog.

and yes, informationreadbyme blog is quite interesting read. thanks jaunty.