We have failed to progress

After so many years of trying to restructure our society, we have failed miserably in the most important quarter, the purpose of life. Today the front page news is about saving jobs, create jobs, create employments so that people can work until they die. And everyone is singing this tune mindlessly. This is a sick society alright. In paradise, a true paradise, there is no need for people to work for a living. That must be the goal of all societies. The more prosperous we are, we should need to work less and enjoy our lives the way we want it. We have forgotten. I still remember that some 10 or so years ago we were trying to restructure our society to eradicate jobs. We were on the right track then. Now we are so confused with the purpose of life. We think working to death is the only thing in life. Slave drivers! We have the technology to give humankind the freedom from work. We can mechanise, automate, use robots, use the computers to think, plan and do everything for us. Humankind deserves better, to live life and enjoy life of plenty, without worries and without work. Shouldn't that be the goal for working so hard? Have we gone crazy? Creating more and more jobs to work the people? We should be planning on how to pay people a million a year without having to work. Then everyone can spend their time flashing around in their newest personal commuter or personal jet. And for those who still enjoy blogging, they can continue to do so without a worry, 24/7 sitting in front of their latest model personal entertainment system. What is the point of having the IRs, the flyers, all the theatres and fine restaurants and facilities when we have to work and no time to enjoy them? Do we pay millions to super talents who can only think of creating more jobs to work the people to death?


Anonymous said...

When the prices of HDB return to its equilibrium level,co-relating to national income of Spore households,Singaporeans would then realise

The last 50 years (1959-2009) is but a dream,a sweet one.

Of course our ceaseless great magician would not stop,until the day when he is being lowered under ground,so bring in more FTs to fill out HDB flats,rooms,first world priced condos, etc

Then red dot would be like Uncle Sam,Bush jr leaves all shits to Black president Obama,or great AG leaves all his shits to Chairman Bernanke.

We can see what will happen next,if you are an observer,this is the most interesting Anthropology Study ever.we are truly lucky to have this opportunity.

redbean said...

this piece is to challenge the official Singapore wisdom of the day. how many of you buy the idea that life is to work till one dies and nothing better to do? if i don't have to work to live, just to travel and see the world will take a life time. why would anyone with the means would not want to see the world or do something for pleasure but just work?

unless one really loves what one is doing. i doubt the ah peks and ah mahs love cleaning tables and washing plates. i doubt 80% of singaporeans love their jobs and would want to work till they die.

Anonymous said...

A very good piece of wisdom for all to think hard about the purpose of being(existence).

No lower species than man(kind) work to death.


Anonymous said...

I do not think most of us have a choice but to work till we die,I do not think this can be changed in Spore given the circumstances.

What I feel is that we as a nation,over spent and over used,too much throw away,houses,cars,new for not very old.

It is getting more and more difficult,good time no more,as competitors and potential competitors increased fr 1 billion to now 6 billions since the Berlin Wall crashed.

We have to slave as it is pay back time which will come in due course,nothing is free in this world.

redbean said...

the cars that we are scrapping is so sinful. the price we charged for a flat is so wasteful. imagine what those money can do to raise the quality of life, to use for so many other things.

the people were made to plonk a lifetime earning just for a place to stay.

starwar said...

There are two forces on this world, the good and the dark.

The dark force tend to get invigorate by greed,being more egoistic and becoming more materialistic.

Whereby the good force tend towards compassion, forgiving and more loving.

With the emphasis placed( by local government) on becoming the fittest in global competition, we will tend to slide towards the dark side.

Nobody will want to be a loser.

The high prices of HDB, the overcrowded FT and the purchase of foreign banks are done because they want to be among the fittest in the global scene.

Of course, there is always a price tag in everthing. This is physic -
For every force, there is always a reaction equal in strength but in opposite polarity.

redbean said...

hi starwar, welcome to the blog. watch starwar on tv over the weekend: )

we should always strive to better ourselves and the lives of the people. that should be the way to go. be the fittest and the best.

what i am worried about is that we got into a high cost trap that we cannot dismount. the high cost of everything, from medical fees to HDB flats are meant to feed a system with unsatiable appetite at the top. it must grind to a halt as there is a limit to how much can be generated to feed the high cost of high salaries at the top. we are going to hit the wall very soon.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> After so many years of trying to restructure our society, we have failed miserably in the most important quarter, the purpose of life. <

That's how it is supposed to turn out: any attempt at social engineering is bound to fail and cause even more troubles: social dislocation, distortion i the capital structure, vast increases in the monetary base leading to eventual systemic failure, breakdown of the classical family unit, a decrease in personal responsibility ("it is the govt's job to help me" attitude)... leading to a multitude of social ills such as:

1. Increased divorce rate
2. Increased levels of unserviceable debt
3. People who cannot think logically for themselves
4. Gullible people who believe everything 'authority figures' tell them
5. People living under an umbrella of fear and uncertainty
6. Severe youth problems: depression, suicide, anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, drug abuse, gang warfare etc.
7. Increased behaviours leading to addiction: alcohol, legal drugs, illegal drugs, gambling, over-eating
8. Decrease in individual self-esteem
9. Widespread increase of feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, insignificance and 'psychological invisibility' (google it)

...and so on.

All this and more, simply because of attempts at some central-power to socially engineer a society (of individuals)

Anonymous said...

the 85 yrs old emperor is forcing his will onto others.
if i collect millions for doing little, of course i won't mind working till 90 or even 100.
sadly the only job available for old folks still struggling to pay off the artificially inflated pigeon hole is that of clearing plates or collect card boards.
the only way to have a more caring,graceful & less stressed society is to vote some of them out so that they will unplug their ears.

redbean said...

decrease in individual self esteem! this is something serious. we need to tell the people that they are no less talented than the super talents. the super talents may be talented in some areas but definitely not in all areas.

at least we are talented in blogging: )

this constant reminder that some are so talented while the rest are not is driving many people nuts. the truth is that you can't really tell the difference nowadays. there are many more talented people out there, especially the young.