To live in truth or in tooth

Not too long ago, Perm Secs were very discreet in their lifestyle. I remember Lim Siong Guan driving around in his old Honda Accord, (I think) when he could afford a Mercedes. I remember a MD insisting that no GMs shall purchase a Mercedes for his use under the corporate account. Not that they were living a life of hypocrisy. They could afford it. But then they were not paid the kind of crazy salaries that the present elite were getting. They were comfortable but not super wealthy. How would the public take it if all the Perm Secs today were to drive around in old Japanese cars? Would it make any difference if they dine in the best restaurants but put on a show to visit hawker centres to be seen with the lesser mortals? Asking the elite to dress down, live down, lie down when they don't really need to, and that they really don't, may not come down well. It smacks of real hypocrisy don't you think so?


Anonymous said...

i don't think its the amount of money he earns that is the problem.

the problem is how "worthy" is he of
his pay in the peoples' eyes.

Anonymous said...

,,,,robbers,,,what else ?
I guess you REDHEAD think that you are mr. clean ?,,,,you are party to this gang unfortunately.
hope your can sleep in peace !,,,,Aaaaa you godless type, no hell or heaven for your type.
The unworthy human,,,,YES you are !!!

redbean said...

i think the lesser mortals are very clear in their head. they know that they are mere mortals or lesser mortals. they never think that they are clean or super clean.

as for the perm sec, he is now multi skill, with excellent culinary skill.

Anonymous said...

Pay them much "buy them" to shut up so they serve their political master like a dog.

Pay them much so much like a drug they lose control over who they actually serve.

Running dogs stash with cash self-perpetuate the system by doing their political master's agenda & in return perserve their career to hold on to high cash.. Shame on these gangster who call themselves COPS.

The people's agenda can wait while they are in drunken stupor over the millions they collect. They are on a perpetual high.. no feeling for the poor- their bad luck...