Time to build more shrines

In the land of the mortals, super beings and gods, it is time that more shrines be built for the gods and immortals. And the mortals or lesser mortals should do the building and the worshipping. Who knows, they may be blessed. I am starting to blame myself for being an atheist and not praying to gods. Looks like I better start praying to one. My preference is the 'cai shen' or money god. But now that there are so many gods to pray to, maybe I shall review my options. I am on my knees and bowing deeply, praying for more wealth.


Matilah_Singapura said...

One can always invent new gods if prying to the old ones doesn't work anymore.

Consider the present American example -- the old god retired out to pasture, the new god is heralded with spectacle worthy only of a divine being.

redbean said...

in the chinese culture, all the gods are dead people. famous people who have been elevated to the godly realms of existence.

Anonymous said...


Another world "first" for this third rate First World Country.

"The Land of Gods, demiGods, Greater Immortals, Lesser immortals, and me and those trying to survive, peasant mortals.

Cordon Tan

redbean said...

hi cordon, welcome to the blog.

hey, no laughing matter lah.