Running out of ideas

Malaysia is a one idea country. They only know how to build roads and bridges to collect tolls. Every other thing that they tried was a wash out. So they will keep on thinking of building bridges everywhere, the more the better. Existing bridges or connectors should be demolished to justify building new ones. They are going to build bridges to Sumatra, maybe Vietnam as well. The Americans are also running out of ideas. Since the computer chip revolution, the laptops and handphones, there is nothing new in the pipeline that can create so much mass appeal. They tried financing products but turned out to be the biggest fraud in history. Paradise too is running out of ideas. Other than raising fees and charges, what else could it come out with? The latest twist is recycling. They have done recycling of old buildings by demolishing them and building new ones. Now they are recycling jobs and old bodies. Old jobs are recycled with new fanciful names, everyone is a president. We have more presidents than the countries in the UN. Now the old hags are being recycled. The Dad’s Army in civilian clothes, the grandpas and grandmas are to work again. But this is a bit tricky. The parts are getting old through wear and tear. Practically every part and organ need to be changed. They can’t do it like they did to old buildings. They can’t scrap them like cars. How to make them work like new, strong and nimble, see and hear clearly, and think and do as being told? Until a new drug is developed to alter all the cells into young cells and not ageing cells, it is going to be difficult. Genetically modified cells may be a starting point. They can do it to plants, definitely possible with human beans In the meantime recycle as best possible, with redesigning of jobs to cater for slow and fumbling hands and cloudy minds, failing eye sights and weak limbs. Recycling worn out bodies is going to be big business in paradise


Anonymous said...

Well, in paradise they like building covered walkways, long ones that sometimes seem to encircle whole blocks. Really, how many days of rain do we have? Passionate, really passionate!

redbean said...

we need to relook at the mission of govt and meaning of a good life for the average singaporeans.