The plague of big hospital bills

"Since Mindef's payments ceased in February 2007, his parents have chalked up outstanding hospital bills totalling $133,000 " - Today 13 Jan 2008. The parents of NSman Jeremy Tan Chia Whee have taken Mindef to court to pay for his medical bill. Jeremy was found unconscious in camp and the issue is whether his injury was incurred while in service or not in service. Under normal circumstances the issue could have been settled long ago by his parents IF the medical fee has not ballooned to this sum. This is the new plague of our first class medical services. The price tag is also first class. Sure, you want first class you must be able to pay for it. Maybe it is time the govt should ask the people if they want first class and whether they can afford to pay for it. Even with mean testing in place, many people would still not be able to pay this kind of ridiculous fees. Progress and compassion are very expensive things to pay for.


Anonymous said...

Yes,right,S$133,000 is about 90 -100 months that an average Spore citizen household need to work to earn that income tio pay HDB,PUB,food,school fee,what hv you.



Anonymous said...

This is exactly the Reason why Singaporeans need to question their loyalties to this Country of theirs'.

Blind faith, loyalty and love are wasteful and COSTLY!


redbean said...

boon wan's answer is to work out a way so that the people can afford to pay.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is government bullshit. Soldiers lay their life on the line for the country. In other words, they are THERE for the rest of us when the need arises.

The country must be 100% behind our men and women in uniform. Especially when this poor fella is a conscript — i.e. forced into defending the nation.

I hope some over-paid minister checks his underwear for a pair of balls that would distinguish him and enable him to stand by solid moral principles: that the as protectors of the people, soldiers never demand from the people, but when the soldiers need help, the nation MUST help them.

redbean said...

this medical fees policy is the most regressive policy and will rank among the top three, gst and mean testing.